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Youth com[mittee]

File documents a proposal to form a Youth Sub-Committee of the IPC. File contains correspondence and a proposal for a committee representing sports for disabled youth and children.

Winter 1998

File documents the city of Nagano's bid to become the 1998 Paralympic host city and preparations for the 1998 Winter Paralympics. File contains correspondence, newspaper articles, a list of questions by the host country for the IPC, site inspection report, and site visit itinerary.

William Watson Lodge - A special place

Item is a promotional video for William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis county, a lodge that specializes in barrier-free wilderness accommodations for seniors and people with disabilities.

WhyNot Marathon and Paralympic flame

File documents an issue between the IPC and the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) regarding the right to establish a permanent location for the Paralympic flame and the promotion of the Paralympic touch via the WhyNot Marathon. File contains correspondence, a special issue of the Toronto Sun, program for the dedication of the Canadian Paralympic torches, general information for the WhyNot Marathon, and background information on the CFPDP.

When spheres collide

File documents a presentation given to the Alberta Civil Lawyer Association on the the history of disability sport, the history of the IPC, and legal issues surrounding disability sports. File contains draft presentation slides, presentation notes, overhead projector transparencies, a presentation outline, news article, and a timeline of disability sport achievements.

Wheeler's Choice newsletters

File contains issues of the newsletter 'Wheeler's Choice', the official newsletter of the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association. File also contains newsletters of the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation (ISMGF) and the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Bulletin, and a list of coaches and participants for the 6th National Wheelchair Basketball Championships.

Wheelchair tennis

File contains correspondence, a history of wheelchair tennis and the International Wheelchair Tennis Federation (IWTF), and an IWTF newsletter.

Wheelchair sports history

File documents the history of wheelchair basketball and wheelchair basketball clubs in Canada. File contains correspondence nominating candidates for a Canadian Wheelchair Sport Association (CWSA) certificate of recognition, student essays/assignments, brochures, a history of Canadian wheelchair sports written by Joseph Wong, a history of wheelchair basketball published by the Alberta National Wheelchair Basketball Association, and a history and information guide on the Alberta Northern Lights Wheelchair Basketball Club.

Wheelchair sports and associations

Subseries documents records received and produced by Steadward in the course of his involvement with wheelchair sports organizations, and associations that represent wheelchair athletes, such as the International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation, International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, International Wheelchair Tennis Federation, National Wheelchair Basketball Association, Alberta National Wheelchair Basketball Association, International Paralympic Committee, International Sports Federation of the Disabled, and the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association. Subseries documents the administration of wheelchair sports associations, coaching and athlete symposia, the planning and execution of sporting competitions and events, inter-organization relationships, and wheelchair sport histories.

Subseries contains correspondence, reports, minutes, policies, bylaws, newsletters, schedules, membership lists, team lists, athlete standings/rankings, rules, and videos.

Wheelchair dancing subcommittee

File documents the history and activities of the Wheelchair Dancing Subcommittee of the International Sports Federation for the Disabled (ISOD). File contains bylaws, descriptions of different methods of wheelchair dancing, competition details, a summary of the composition and purpose of the Wheelchair dancing sub-committee, and a membership application form.

Wheelchair basketball player's book

Item is a training guide prepared by Diane Hoy of the Research and Training Centre of the Physically Disabled at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies at the University of Alberta.

Webhead: big interview

File contains a draft and final version of an interview with Steadward. Interview was conducted as part of a feature series on

Web articles

File documents news coverage on the impact of the 2012 Paralympic Games. File contains articles from web-based news sites.


File documents issues regarding the visibility of the IPC logo on documentation for the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, and other issues arising between the IPC and the Atlanta Paralympics Organizing Committee (APOC). File contains correspondence, APOC newsletters, and an order form.

VII World Wheelchair Games and 1984 Paralympics

File documents the results of international disability sporting events. File contains memoranda, final reports on the Canadian Disabled Olympic 1984 team and the VII World Wheelchair Games, and corrections to the VII World Wheelchair Games results.

Video reels

Subseries contains video of disabled athletes and sporting events for disabled athletes.

University of Alberta and the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities

Series documents Steadward's work at the University of Alberta as a professor and founder of the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities in Edmonton, Alberta. Series also documents athletes, coaches, athletic teams, and researchers accessing the programs, services, training, and testing facilities at the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities.

The Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities was established by Steadward in 1978. It was later renamed the Rick Hansen Centre in 1987, and finally the Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement in 2000. The centre is an internationally-renowned disability research centre within the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta, and continues to support sport and fitness of people experiencing disability.

Series mainly consists of photographs, slides, and negatives of athletes participating in various disability sporting events and using training equipment and facilities. Series also contains video and audio recordings, presentation notes, manuals, guides, and annual reports.

Uniform advertising

File documents issues regarding sponsorship logos on team uniforms, and other issues arising between the IPC and the Atlanta Paralympics Organizing Committee (APOC). File contains correspondence, protected sponsor categories, advertising rules and regulations, and notes.

Trends and issues in winter Paralympic sport

Item is the edited proceedings of the winter Paralympic Experts Congress, also known as the 4th Paralympic Congress which was organized and published by the IPC and the Nagano Paralympic Organizing Committee. Item contains a forward written by Steadward in his capacity as the President of the IPC.

Transition to Honorary President of the IPC

File documents Steadward's transition from President of the IPC to Honorary President. File contains correspondence, a Spinal Cord Injury and Treatment Centre Society newsletter, news article, and a wheelchair rugby classification appeal. File also contains a CD-ROM from the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation containing photographs, image captions, and a paper on the history of disability sport in Hong Kong.

Track & field

Item is a video of a slide presentation on wheelchair track and field.

Tourist information

File documents tourist information on Tignes, France. File contains maps, brochures, and a press book.

To write

File contains two draft copies of Steadward's essay 'International Trends and Developments in Adapted Physical Activity and Sports'.

To read

File documents records received for educational/informational purposes. File contains essays, aerobic exercises and stretches, a brochure, and letter.

Tignes-Albertville Paralympics

File documents discussions regarding a date change to the 1992 Winter Paralympic games. File contains correspondence, competition results, travel information, a final report, magazine, and a brochure.

The Sydney Spirit

File contains issues of the newsletter The Sydney Spirit, the official publication of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Newsletters contains updates for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Item is a special issue of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper dedicated to the upcoming 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Steadward Centre

File contains annual reports for the The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement and the Rick Hansen Centre.

The state of sport in Canada

File contains drafts and a final version of a speech given by Steadward at the Edmonton Sport Council annual general meeting in Edmonton. File also contains notes and a sports workshops newsletter.

The Rick Hansen Centre

Item is a recorded description of the history, services, and programs offered by the Rick Hansen Centre, a physical fitness and lifestyle centre for persons with disabilities.

The manual

Item is an instructional video for the Swede Elite wheelchair, produced by the Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences Media Services of the University of Alberta.

The Jasper talks

File documents the proceedings of a symposium, sponsored by Fitness Canada, focused on physical activity opportunities for the disabled, and the actions resulting from the symposium. File contains correspondence, an action plan titled 'Blueprint for Action for Physical Activity for Canadians with a Disability', interim report of the Advisory Committee for Adapted Physical Activity, and a copy of published proceeding from the Jasper Talks Symposium.


File documents the establishment of official IPC rules for various disabled sports. File contains official rule books for the IPC Athletics Section, shooting, table tennis, powerlifting, equestrian sports, and swimming. File also contains Sports Council minutes, correspondence, and a list of action points.


File documents the appointment of officials to IPC sport-specific technical committees as part of the transition of responsibilities from the International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled (ICC) to the IPC. File contains correspondence, primarily from and to the IPC Technical Officer, Hans Lindstrom. Correspondence relates to the duties of Technical Committee officers such as the delivery and development of technical requirements for sport competitions, the compilation of final results and rankings, the development of sport-specific regulations, rules, and classifications, facility and equipment requirements for competitions, and the establishment of sport specific technical committees.

File also contains Technical Committee minutes, agendas, meeting notices, Technical Officers reports, minutes of other disability sports organizations, a resolution of the Austrian Association for the Integration of Spastics, IPC proposal, draft IPC Technical Committee structure, and draft versions of the IPC constitution, bylaws, and handbook.

Task force report

File documents the activities of the IPC task force preceding the 1995 IPC General Congress in Tokyo, Japan. File contains correspondence, notes, talking points for the Tokyo Congress, comments from the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CP ISRA), job descriptions and roles for members of the IPC Executive Committee, a report of Congress highlights, Legal Committee report, IPC task force communication schedule, and an IPC task force report titled 'Partnership & Unity: Towards the Twenty-first Century".

Sydney reports

File documents the planning and organization of the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics in Sydney, Australia. File contains a Paralympic games information kit, the 5th progress report of the Paralympic Organizing Committee, a Olympic planning and construction report, and slides from a presentation by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority.

Sydney media coverage

File documents news coverage leading up to and during the Sydney Paralympic Games. File primarily contains full issues and articles from the Sydney Morning Herald. File also contains news articles, magazine articles, opinion pieces, press releases, newsletters, and special edition newspapers from other news organizations. File also contains a speech by Steadward, official games program, and a report on the impact of the Olympics on host city businesses.

Sydney media coverage

File documents news coverage of Sydney Olympic Games. File contains news articles, magazine articles, and opinion pieces.

Sydney 2000

File documents the planning of the 2000 Sydney Paralympic games. File contains newsletters, press releases, the 6th progress report of the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee (SPOC), and a SPOC organizational chart.

Sydney 2000

File documents the planning of the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. File contains correspondence, schedules of events for an IPC general assembly meeting, and a Sydney Paralympic Organizing Committee annual report.


Item is a video of a swimming class for people with disabilities.

Study segments

Item is a video containing segments filmed as part of a study. Part one: inaccessible facilities. Part two: negative reactions by participants. Part three: inappropriate activities. Part 4: being ignored by the instructor.

Study leave in Australia

Item is a package documenting Steadward's study leave in Australia promoting the United Nations sponsored International Year of Disabled Persons. Package included a keynote speech, collected correspondence from Australian political, health, and sport leaders, news articles about Steadward's visit, and a schedule.

Stretching and training video

Item is a video of people with disabilities participating a stretching and strength training program, presumably at the Rick Hansen Centre.

Stoke Mandeville 1979

File documents the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Associations' participation in the 1979 Stoke Mandeville Games. File contains entry forms, flight itineraries, lists of athletes and events, correspondence, rules, a team manager's report, tentative budget, team schedule, and list of world records.

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