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Robert Steadward fonds
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Robert Steadward fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0054
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2017

Fonds reflects Steadward's work as the first President of the International Paralympic Committee and his involvement in the development of fitness and competitive sport opportunities for people with disabilities. Fonds is divided into six series: S1 - University of Alberta and the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities, S2 - International Paralympic Committee (IPC), S3 - Paralympic Games, S4 - Non-Paralympic disability sporting events and associations, S5 - Speeches, presentations, interviews, and publications, and S6 - International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games.

Fonds contains correspondence, reports, minutes, speeches, presentations, papers, newspapers, agendas, meeting notes, policies, bylaws, newsletters, press releases, competition results, handbooks, budgets, rules, photographs, videos, manuals, and guides.

Robert Steadward

1st IPC congress results

File documents the first general congress of the IPC held in Tokyo, Japan. File contains an IPC media report, treasurer report, secretary report, technical officer's report, report from east Asia, European region report, Athletes Committee report, drafts of an IPC Task Force report, and a summary of the report of the second IPC European Conference. File also contains notes from congress attendees, memoranda, correspondence, agendas, financial statements, a list of organizational highlights, summary of questionnaire responses, and a fact sheet on the International Organizations of Sport for People with Disabilities (IOSD).

Correspondence - IPC

File documents correspondence received and sent by Steadward in his role as President of the IPC. File contains correspondence regarding the IPC's interactions with other leaders and organizations involved with disability sports. Correspondence covers topic such as organizing meetings and site visits, lending support to international disability sporting events and organizations, responding to event invitations, responding to requests to volunteer/participate in IPC events, soliciting support from government officials, responding to requests for information on the IPC and its athletes, and addressing or directing complaints/grievances from IPC organizational members to the appropriate IPC committee.

File also contains correspondence addressing the administration and organization of the IPC. Correspondence covers liaising with various branches of the IPC, receiving nominations for IPC executive positions, and the planning of IPC events and meetings.

File also contains supporting documentation such as resumes, press releases, newspaper articles, agendas, newsletters, a concept proposal for the Sydney Summer Paralympic Games, and a South African 96' Paralympic team brochure.

IPC publications

File contains draft and final copies of the IPC magazine and newsletter. File also contains a TV guide and news articles.

ONCE [Organizacion National de Ciegos Espagnol]

File documents the formation of a relationship between the IPC and Organizacion National de Ciegos Espagnol (ONCE), whereas ONCE becomes an official IPC partner. File contains correspondence, a support proposal, and a partnership agreement.

Media commission

File documents the planning and organization of an IPC media plan. File contains correspondence, a media commission report, media plan, media questionnaire, crisis management checklist, and a report on future media opportunities.

IPC newsletters

File contains newsletters produced by the IPC and the European branch of the IPC.

IPC headquarters - Bonn

Item is a brochure, prepared by the City of Bonn, containing a proposal to make Bonn the headquarters for the IPC secretariat.


File documents the establishment of official IPC rules for various disabled sports. File contains official rule books for the IPC Athletics Section, shooting, table tennis, powerlifting, equestrian sports, and swimming. File also contains Sports Council minutes, correspondence, and a list of action points.

IPC/APOC [Atlanta Paralympics Organizing Committee] contractual dispute

File documents the mediation of a dispute between the IPC and the Atlanta Paralympics Organizing Committee regarding breeches of contract related to the Paralympic Village, IPC visibility, and the IPC rights fees. File contains correspondence, minutes, notes on IPC fees and APOC revenue, a list of sponsor product categories, and a letter of engagement.

Legal Committee

File documents the activities of the IPC Legal Committee in developing and amending the constitution and bylaws of the IPC and its member organizations. File contains correspondence, Legal Committee reports, draft amendments to the constitution and bylaws of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, regulations for the management of the Whang Youn Dai Overcome prize, amendments to the IPC handbook, meeting notes, drafts of the IPC constitution, and a news article.

General assembly

File documents annual IPC General Assemblies and the inaugural general assembly of the International Coordinating Committee of World Organization of Sports for the Disabled (ICC). File contains ICP General Assembly minutes, agendas, copies of the IPC constitution, motions to amend the IPC constitution, minutes from the inaugural ICC General Assembly, IPC Sports Technical Committee bylaws, IPC candidature nominations, minutes of the African Sports Confederation of Disabled (ASCOD), an executive summary, program, and a brochure.

Joint IPC/ICC [International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled] meeting with the IOC [International Olympic Committee]

File documents attempts to set up a meeting between the presidents of the IPC, International Olympic Committee, and International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled. File contains correspondence, notes, an article, and a report.

Paralympic Games

Series documents the planning and implementation of early Paralympic Games, the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) role in organizing Paralympic Games, and the experience of athletes and athletic teams participating in Paralympic Games. Series is divided into eight subseries: SS1- International Stoke Mandeville Games, SS2 - 1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled, SS3 - 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled, SS4 - 1988 Paralympic Games - Seoul and Innsbruck, SS5 - 1992 Paralympic Games - Barcelona, Tignes-Albertville, and Madrid, SS6 - 1996 Atlanta Paralympics Games, SS7 - 1998 Nagano Paralympic Games, and SS8 - 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, newsletters, newspapers, press releases, competition results, bulletins, schedules, brochures, manuals, guidelines, procedures, handbooks, itineraries, rules, directories, licensing agreements, photographs, athlete profiles, arbitration briefs and agreements, videos, memorabilia, journal articles, budgets, contract agreements, programs, books, logo designs, presentation slides, site maps, marketing plans, and entry forms.

International Stoke Mandeville Games

Subseries documents the attendance of Canadian athletes at the International Stoke Mandeville Games. Subseries contains reports, videos, handbooks, schedules, entry forms, itineraries, correspondence, results, lists of athletes, programs, and a published book.

The first Stoke Mandeville Games involved a wheelchair athletic competition organized in 1948 during the London Olympic Games. The International Stoke Mandeville Games became the first Paralympic Games when the competition was held alongside the Olympics in Rome in 1960.

1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled newspapers

File documents the activities of the 1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled. File contains special Olympiad issues of the Daily News newspaper, competition results, rifle diagrams, correspondence, and lists of uniform and shoe sizes.

1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled

Subseries documents the attendance of the Canadian team at the 1980 Olympics of the Physically Disabled in Arnhem, Netherlands. Subseries contains correspondence, competition results, bulletins, newsletters, minutes, entry forms, schedules, manuals, reports, videos, slides, lists of staff and athletes, and memorabilia.

The 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled was the 6th Paralympic Games.

1980 Olympics

Item is a staff list for the Olympics for the Physically Disabled, Canadian Mission.

1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled - Arnhem, Holland

File contains correspondence documenting the organization of the Canadian Paralympic team and the administrative and functional details necessary for the team's participation in the 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled in Arnhem, Holland. File also contains staff and athlete lists, news articles, and a proposal.

Canadian Mission staff

File documents Canadian Mission staff preparations for the 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled. File contains minutes, correspondence, memoranda, event schedules, notes, drafts of policy and procedure manuals, a budget summary, and an Olympic bulletin.

1988 Paralympic Games - Seoul and Innsbruck

Subseries documents the participation of Canadian teams at the winter and summer Paralympics in Seoul, Korea and Innsbruck, Austria. Subseries also documents the International Paralympic Committee's role in planning and organizing the Paralympic games. Subseries contains competition results, directories, correspondence, minutes, reports, journal articles, handbooks, budgets, athlete profiles, and rules and regulations.

1988 summer Paralympics - awards

File documents the Canadian Team rankings at the 1988 Summer Paralympics. File contains lists of staff, directory lists, athlete and team results, correspondence, notes, and appointment schedules.

Canadian team handbook IXth Summer Paralympic Games

Item is a team handbook, produced by the Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled and the Athlete Information Bureau, for the Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Item lists event descriptions, classification information, and player biographies by sport.

1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games

Subseries documents the relationship between the IPC and the Atlanta Paralympics Organizing Committee (APOC), and the planning, organizing, and implementation of the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta, United States. Subseries contains reports, minutes, correspondence, licensing agreements, newsletters, news releases, news articles, television newscast programs, schedules, competition rankings and results, photographs, and procedures, rules, and guidelines.

Atlanta 1996

File documents meetings regarding the inclusion of the Paralympics as part of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics program. File contains correspondence, notes, news articles, country lists, a schedule, position paper, and an agenda.

Atlanta 1996

File documents planning of the 1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Atlanta. File contains news releases, prepared briefings, brochures, news articles, correspondence, Paralympic Congress event information, biographies, detailed schedules, marketing messages and objectives, a list of youth and community events, fact sheet, progress report, IPC bid checklist, list of issues and goals in disabled sport, and a transit map.

Atlanta 1996

File contains progress reports submitted to the IPC, fact sheets, news and magazine articles, press releases, sport and athlete profiles, brochures, Board member profiles, notes, a list of the members of the Canadian Paralympic Team, Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee (APOC) planning summary, competition schedule, Paralympic Congress program, and a list of APOC board of directors.

Canadian Paralympic Committee

File documents the activities of the Canadian Paralympic Committee leading up the the 1996 Summer Paralympic Games. File contains minutes, site inspections reports, Management Committee reports, and a media coverage package produced by the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee.

Paralympic news and Starfire

File contains newsletters regarding the Atlanta 1996 Paralympics. Publications include: Starfire, Paralympic News, and Update.

CBC news

Item is a video of newscasts, taped from television, including coverage of the 1996 Paralympics.

Atlanta Paralympics guides and procedures

File documents the official guidelines and procedures for the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games. File contains documentation on housing assignments, uniform and equipment logo policies, medical care, NPC rate cards, athletic/swimming competition schedules, medical controls, 3rd entry instruction, and forms.


File documents the creation and implementation of a media plan for the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, as well as the process of applying for and granting media credentials. File contains correspondence, memoranda, a documentary questionnaire, Paralympic planning update, magazine article, and an IPC media plan.

Nagano schedules

File contains two information packages prepared by the Nagano Winter Paralympics Promotion Committee and the Organizing Committee for the VII Paralympic Winter Games. Packages include a schedule of events leading up the the Paralympics, maps, descriptions of facilities, and brochures.

The Sydney Spirit

File contains issues of the newsletter The Sydney Spirit, the official publication of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Newsletters contains updates for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Item is a special issue of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper dedicated to the upcoming 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Image guidelines

Item is a set of guidelines outlying the official images and intellectual property to be used to promote and market the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.


Item is a manual for cities bidding on the Paralympic Games.

Paralympic Games Assoc[iation] (20 year reunion - 1985)

File primarily documents the organization of athlete funding for the 1984 Olympics for the Physically Disabled, also known as the 7th Paralympic summer games. File contains team lists for the 1984 Olympics for the Physically Disabled and the World Wheelchair Games, notes, lists of world records, photographs, news articles, correspondence, a news release, list of Alberta Sports Council programs, and a Paralympic Sports Association reunion program.

The 1984 Paralympics were divided into two separate competitions: Wheelchair athletes and athletes with spinal cord injuries participated in Stoke Mandeville, England. All other athletes participated in events held in New York, United States.


File documents the administration and organization of the Challenge Cup Wheelchair Basketball League by Gary McPherson, league president. File contains minutes, agendas, correspondence, proposals, financial statements, reports, fundraising guidelines, a phone directory, tournament schedule, development plan, list of action items, and proposed budget.

History - w/c sport

File contains articles on the history of wheelchair sports, a list of Canadian Wheelchair Sport Association (CWSA)- British Columbia division lifetime members, and an article on the history of the National Wheelchair Athletic Association.

Pan-American games reports

File documents the participation of Canadian teams at the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Pan-American Wheelchair Games. File contains reports written by team managers, head coaches, and athletic directors of the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association.

7th National Wheelchair Games

File documents reporting on the 7th National Wheelchair Games held in Montreal. File contains reports, competition results, financial statements, and correspondence.

VII World Wheelchair Games and 1984 Paralympics

File documents the results of international disability sporting events. File contains memoranda, final reports on the Canadian Disabled Olympic 1984 team and the VII World Wheelchair Games, and corrections to the VII World Wheelchair Games results.

Official's guide : third Pan-American Wheelchair Games

File documents the staging of the third Pan-American Wheelchair Games. File contains daily events programs, rules, minutes, recommendations of the Medical Committee, anthems, a competitors and officials guide, seminar agenda, and opening ceremonies schedule.

CHIMO 1973 by Cablevision

Item is a special issue of the newspaper CHIMO, produced by Cablevision, promoting the 1973 Wheelchair Games held in British Columbia.


Item is a statistical package for the Challenge Cup league.

Director search

File documents the search for a new Director General of the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA). File also documents funding requests from affiliated disability sports organizations and branches of the CWSA. File contains correspondence, news articles, curriculum vitae, cover letters, copies of applicant credentials and awards, proposals for public relations and sponsorship support for the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation (ISMGF), expense claims, invoices, a paper abstract, brochure, and human resource management plan.

Video reels

Subseries contains video of disabled athletes and sporting events for disabled athletes.

FESPIC [Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled]

File documents the activities of the Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled (FESPIC) and its relationship with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). File contains FESPIC newsletters, correspondence, FESPIC minutes, business cards, photographs, FESPIC historical information, a visa application, itinerary, welcome address, toast, FESPIC amended constitution, FESPIC member list, and a draft newsletter article.

Commonwealth Games

File documents lobbying efforts by the International Paralympic Committee to include disabled athletes in the Commonwealth Games. File contains correspondence, excerpts from the constitution of the Commonwealth Games, minutes, a status report, and a paper on the inclusion of events for athletes with disabilities in the Olympic Games.

China 1994

File documents the 6th Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) held in Beijing in 1994. File contains promotional programs, brochures, newsletters, Chinese newspapers, correspondence, a technical handbook, registration application, reception center guide, photograph of the FESPIC executive, and an opening ceremony program.


File documents the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) application to the Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled (CFSOD). File contains score sheets, press releases, competition results, correspondence, rules and details for the East Coast Equestrian Games, proposed statutes, a list of Canadian riding instructors, and a program for the 7th International Therapeutic Riding Congress.

ICC [International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organisations for the Disabled] minutes

File documents the work of the ICC in organizing Paralympic games and liasing with other international disabiliy sports organizations. File contains ICC minutes, correspondence, ICC sub-committee minutes, agendas, a Medical Committee report, Technical Committee report, and guidelines for a questionaire project.

Secretariat on intergration

File documents a Think Tank that was held to explore the feasibility of establishing a secretariat for the integration of Canadian athletes with disabilities, and the work of the resulting Task Force on Integration. File contains correspondence, agendas, minutes, draft proposals, drafts of the Task Force on Integration report, responses to the draft Task Force on Integration report, notes, research papers, organizational charts for the ICC and Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations of the Disabled (CFSOD), and a list of Think Tank participants.


File documents the activities of Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) and its relationship with the IPC. File contains correspondence, CanTRA newsletters, CanTRA instruction manuals, brochures, dressage rules and tests, reports from equestrian competitions, IPC rules for equestrian sports, news articles, workshop notices, International Paralympic Equestrian Committee newsletters, an invitation for the 3rd World Championship for Disabled Riders, IPC Equestrian Committee report, competition program, fundraiser proposal, and a list of CanTRA officers and directors.

Advertising campaign report

Item is a publicity campaign dossier prepared by the International Blind Sport Federation. Dossier contains draft advertisements, correspondence, and cost breakdowns.

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