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Academic Affairs budget

File contains budget adjustments, capital inventories by department, furnishing and equipment budget breakdowns by department, and a summary of the operating budget for 1982-1983.

Academic Affairs correspondence

File documents correspondence from and to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, division chairmen and department heads. File contains an inventory of services for special interest groups, a blank faculty survey on college research, agenda and minutes, a checklist of division issues and problems, a weekly appointment schedule, a breakdown of the college's revenue and expenditures, a proposed marketing strategy for Academic Affairs, college mission statement, future goals of Academic Affairs, and a review of the relationship between Mount Royal College and the Department of Advanced Education and Manpower of the Province of Alberta.

Academic Council and Board of Governors

Series consists of Board of Governor and Academic Council records that were provided to Dyment for review. Series contains agendas, minutes, correspondence, proposals, and agreements.

Academic Council minutes and correspondence

File contains agendas, minutes, correspondence, a distribution list of Academic Council members, retreat information, a diagram of the structure of the Academic Council and standing committees, and a draft report of issues affecting the library.

Academic Council minutes and submissions

File documents the activities, recommendations, and decisions of the Academic Council. File contains agenda, minutes, correspondence, reports and minutes from committees reporting to the Academic Council, and Board of Governors minutes.

Academic disqualification

File contains correspondence, draft form letters from the Registrar Office, and policy recommendations.

Acting Vice-President Academic : documents for review

File documents the duties performed by Dyment in his capacity as the acting Vice-President, Academic. File contains correspondence, reports, process and policy changes, revenue and expenditure statements, performance evaluation guidelines, faculty and chair appointments, divisional faculty priorities, administrative policies, Registrar reports, committee motions, and conference information.

Admission requirements

File contains correspondence, proposed changes to the English Language Proficiency Policy, a copy of the General Education Development (GED) test, an agenda and minutes, a draft report on entrance testing, and information on screening and selection criteria by program.


File contains correspondence, lists of academic advisers by faculty, the mandate of the Advising Committee, and a review of the advising system with annotation.

Alan Dyment fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0033
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1989

Fonds reflects Dyment's career as the Director of the Learning Resource Centre, Dean of Academic Services, and his roles on various committees and advisory groups within the Division of Academic Affairs. The fonds in arranged in seven series: Learning Resource Centre, Academic Council and Board of Governors, Faculty and staff, Division of Academic Affairs, College planning and development, Program development and maintenance, and Recruitment, admission, and convocation. Fonds contains, correspondence, memorandums, reports, proposals, organizational charts, minutes, and newsletters.

Alan Dyment

All staff/faculty memos

File contains internal memos that were sent to all Mount Royal staff and faculty. The content of the memos primarily deal with job postings and staff/faculty appointments.

Annual report

File contains correspondence and the annual report of the MRSSA (Mount Royal Support Staff Association) Exempt Professional Development Committee for 1982-1983.

Board of Governors

File contains information on the Board of Governors committee structure and standing committees, agreements with the faculty and support staff associations, proposed contract amendments, a comparative summary of collective agreements in Alberta's colleges, a commercial insurance policy, a list of meeting dates for the Board of Governors and Academic Council, agendas, a President's report, and record of motions approved by the Board of Governors and Academic Council.

Budget advisory committee

File documents Dyment's membership in the Budget Advisory Committee. File includes correspondence, agendas, minutes, budget observations and preparations, and membership appointments.


File contains correspondence, news bulletins from the Economic Policy Committee, the Mount Royal Faculty Association, the Mount Royal Support Staff Association, and the Alberta Association of College Faculties, an invitation to the opening of the Arts Building, and an annual report.

Campus development plan

File contains a diagram of the Mount Royal College planning cycle, a copy of the Campus Development Plan and associated notes, agendas, minutes, an appendix of planning and development documents, a proposal, and a report on campus development issues.

Campus expansions and renovations

File contains correspondence, activity schedules, notes and flow charts for the Phase II planing process, renovations costs, progress updates, and maps.

College budget

File contains correspondence, a bound copy of the 1981-82 operating budget, statements of revenues and expenditures, annual notifications of grant funding from the provincial government, a review of computer related budget requests, furniture and equipment requests by division, financial and budget reports, sub codes for expenses, office furnishing recommendations, and an equity study of the distribution of operating grants.

College organizational review committee

File documents the responses collected by the Organizational Review Committee which Dyment was a member of. File contains a proposal by President Baker, organizational charts, correspondence, comments, recommendations, and submissions to the committee from various departments, the faculty association, and individual faculty/staff.

College planning and development

Series contains records related to the planning and future development of Mount Royal College. Series contains correspondence, reports, educational development plans and research, policies, committee minutes and reports, and renovation and expansion updates.


File contains the annual report of the Instructional Development Committee, correspondence on the proposed committee structures for different faculties, committee guidelines and procedures, and descriptions of different committees.

Communications department

File contains correspondence with the chairman of the Communications Department regarding the budget and studio and video bookings in the Learning Resource Centre.

Community colleges

File contains a blank copy of the Community College Goals Inventory for Canadian Colleges and a newsletter on the national indicators for community colleges.

Computers and informatics [sic] programs

File documents the creation of two new programs in informatics and computer science. File contains agendas, minutes, correspondence, course submission forms, a committee final report, a report on computers and informatics and appendices, a report on the labour market outlook for computer-related programs, comments and responses to reports, and draft course outlines and objectives.

Contact lists

File contains a list of instructors' home addresses by department and a list of counselors available for arts, science and career advising.

Continuing education

File contains correspondence, a handbook of criteria and procedures for continuing education programs, issues in continuing education and recommendations, minutes, a list of full-time faculty, and organizational charts.

Contract negotiations

File contains correspondence regarding group dental insurance for college employees, and summaries and recommendations concerning contract negotiations with faculty and support staff.


File contains correspondence, convocation procedures, and a timeline for the 1982 graduation ceremony.


File contains correspondence regarding the President's honour roll, tuition and student fees, the proposed academic schedule, the final examination policy, and reviews conducted by the Marks Review Committee.

Correspondence from other colleges

File contains procedures, handbooks, and charts prepared by other colleges for their institutions, questionnaires, a newspaper clipping and correspondence.

Course duplication

File contains correspondence, a report on the issue of course duplication, and lists of courses with possible duplicated content.

Credit courses at the Professional Management Centre

File documents a short term credit course taught by Mount Royal for the Appraisal Institute of Canada Business Law and Economics Courses in the downtown Professional Management Centre. File contains correspondence, program set up information, registration procedures, a rental invoice, a budget transfer form, minutes, student names and addresses, and a final exam.

Deans' Council

File documents the activities of members of the Deans' Council, later known as the Council of Academic Affairs. File contains agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, distribution list updates, a questionnaire from the Task Force on Future Directions, enrollment statistics, budget updates, and budget submissions by department.

Division of Academic Affairs

Series contains records of the Division of Academic Affairs received by Dyment for review and some records received during Dyment's time as the Acting Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, agendas, policies, procedures, memos about budget planning, organizational charts, and updates from departments heads and deans.

Dr. D Berghofer correspondence - Department Advanced Education

File contains correspondence between Mount Royal College and Dr. D.E. Berghofer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Program Services Division, Department of Advanced Education & Manpower, regarding new program development and program expansions. File also contains internal memos, draft versions of letters of intent, and program budgeting information.

Draft academic plan

File contains the first draft of the Division of Academic Affairs' academic plan for 1982-1985, a list of suggested report topics/headings, and correspondence.

Educational Development Services

File contains a statistical records on counseling services, and memos announcing the department name change to Educational Development Services and a position vacancy.

Electronic communications systems

File contains minutes, correspondence regarding computer terminal maintenance, notes on employment issues in Media Technical Services, and a job posting.

Enrollment statistics

File contains correspondence and reports on the number of applications received and full time enrollments numbers prepared by the Office of the Registrar.

Enrollment stats

File contains ten presentation charts/graphs depicting enrollment statistics.

Entering student study

File contains correspondence and three reports on new students entering Mount Royal between 1981-1984 produced by the Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning.

Faculty and Staff

Series contains records provided to Dyment for review and in response to staff and faculty work experiences. Series contains professional development opportunities and requests, job descriptions, position postings and new employee announcements, tenure recommendations, analysis of instructor workloads, contract negotiations, reports, employee evaluation criteria, and correspondence.

Faculty awards

File contains excerpts from a Board of Governors meeting, criteria for the Distinguished Faculty Awards, and Screening Committee and award recipient nominations.

Faculty of Student Services

File contains Faculty of Student Services minutes, a newsletter, a distribution list for agendas and minutes, a copy of the faculty rationale, and a functions matrix.

Faculty professional development

File contains correspondence on faculty professional development opportunities, funding guidelines, budget and screening information, and procedures for on campus conference organization.

Feb fest 1986

File contains minutes of the Feb Fest committee, an events agenda, and a progress report for planning Mount Royal's 75th anniversary.

Five year plan 1982-1986

Item is a report on the Learning Resource Centre's goals and objectives for the 1982-1986 period.

Grading policy

Item is a memo to the Academic Council requesting a review of the grading policy.

Graduates' labour market experiences

File contains two reports prepared by the Office of Institutional Analysis, documenting graduate experiences in the labour market nine months after the completion of their training.

Heritage library grant

File documents efforts to increase the library collection with grant funds while managing space constraints. File includes projected collection numbers, a report regarding the impact of the Heritage Library Grant, correspondence with the Academic Council, requests to expand library facilities, procedures for weeding the collection, and Academic Council minutes.

Higher Education Management Institute [H.E.M.I.]

File documents the Higher Education Management Institute (H.E.M.I.) method of employee evaluation. File contains module descriptions, the program structure, an informational paper, training dates, a list of effective management practices, a list of campuses participating in H.E.M.I., and correspondence, notes, and recommendations regarding the H.E.M.I. process.

Human resources - media production services

File documents salary negotiations and position vacancies in the Media Production section of the Learning Resource Centre. File contains memos, salary survey results, position postings, position descriptions, and position and salary re-classifications.

Human Resources weekly vacancies report

File contains reports, created by the Human Resource department, listing the job title, classification, department, pay range, previous incumbent, and vacancy date for all college vacancies.

Humanities research

File documents a study conducted on the humanities courses offered in Alberta technical/vocational programs by a researcher from the Department of Advanced Education and Manpower of the Province of Alberta. File contains correspondence, internal memos, and a copy of the study report.

Learning Resource Centre

Series documents the services, activities, and structure of the Learning Resource Centre under the directorship of Dyment. Series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, agendas, policies, newsletters, project proposals, and job postings and descriptions.

Learning Skills Centre

File contains correspondence, a progress report, a workload and staffing summary, a committee report, and a summary of a review of the Learning Resource Skills Centre.

Letters of intent

File contains letters of intent for developing new programs and responses from the Program Services Division of the Department of Advanced Education and Manpower.

Librarian meetings

File contains correspondence, agendas, and minutes from librarian meetings.

Librarians : meetings 1981/82

File contains agendas, minutes, and correspondence related to monthly Librarian meetings, a draft operating budget, and a copy of the Amusement Act.

Library correspondence

File contains correspondence regarding the administration of the Learning Resource Centre. Topics include community coordination, college administration, library subscriptions and collection development, committee structures, and off-campus students.

Library orientation film

File documents the process of creating an orientation film for the Learning Resource Centre. File contains correspondence, draft copies of the script, dialogue tracks, lists of shots and cuts, a request for a critique of the film, and a project proposal.

Management positions

File contains correspondence, release times for chairmen and coordinators, recommendations for classifying management positions, an agenda, minutes, evaluations of chairmen, information on management group benefits, remuneration for coordinators, management appointment procedures, job descriptions, and lengths of terms for deans, administrative officers, and chairpersons.

Management training

File contains pamphlets on leader effectiveness training, a conference worksheet with notes, a notebook from a management seminar, and an advertisement for Mount Royal's summer business program.

Media Production - general & meetings

File contains minutes, annual reports, and correspondence regarding the amalgamation of Media Production Services with the Learning Resource Centre.

Media services

File contains minutes of the Media Evaluation Committee, a position paper on media services, questionnaires and results, a list and description of Media Services functions, and notes.

Media Services reorganization

File documents the reorganization of the Media Services Department and the transfer of Media Service functions to the Learning Resource Centre. File contains correspondence, staffing proposals, suggested policy additions, job description updates, and a visual and audio script for producing a sessional instructor orientation video.

Mount Royal College Learning Resource Centre policies

Item is a copy of the the Learning Resources Centre policies on acquisitions, chargebacks, community use of library facilities, copyright, inter-library loan, library media and resource islands, loan periods, online searching, photocopying, smoking, eating, drinking, staff, and withdrawal of library materials.

MRSSA Exempt Professional Development Committee

File documents professional development funding requests submitted to the MRSSA (Mount Royal Support Staff Association) Exempt Professional Development Committee (MEPDC), of which Dyment was a member and chairman. File contains funding approval letters, drafts of a professional development policy, performance appraisal guidelines for management, committee agendas, minutes and meeting notices, committee member nominations, a ballot form and election results, grievance procedures, a benefits package proposal, and a travel insurance agreement.

New program information

File contains correspondence, a list of prioritized new programs, internal status reports on new program development, and new course submissions.

Office of the President

File contains President's Council minutes, committee minutes, a policy on college hours of operation, notice of the college's 75th anniversary celebrations, and a newsletter originating out of the President's Office.

Office of the President

File contains a bound copy of Mount Royal's institutional development plan for 1986-87-1989-90 and a summary of the report.

Office services

File contains memos regarding changes to the services of Word Processing/Office Services and the appointment of a new supervisor.

Organizational review

File documents the Learning Resource Centre's response and comments on a proposed reorganization in the Division of Academic Affairs. File contains memos, a reorganization working paper, a summary of points raised by library and media services personnel, and organizational charts.

Organizational structure - Academic Affairs

File documents discussions and issues that arose out of the organizational review and restructuring of the Division of Academic Affairs. File contains correspondence, a report from President Baker, an agenda, organizational charts, administrative policy recommendations, course and program alignments, a review of the committee structure, and a draft package for re-creating the Department of Information Services.

Paranormal fees

File contains correspondence regarding college services that include extra service fees.

Performance evaluation

File contains a request for a job evaluation, notes on appraising the performance of management personnel, appraisal guidelines, and an instructor evaluation form.

Personnel changes

File contains new faculty orientation schedules, a summary of personnel changes, commencements and terminations, a rational report for hiring new faculty, job descriptions, new appointment notifications, hiring guidelines, lists of faculty members by department, blank hiring forms, and correspondence.


Item is a policy manual for the Learning Resource Centre.

Policies, procedures, and guidelines

File documents policies and procedures of the Division of Academic Affairs. File contains correspondence, a proposed final examination policy, a policy for issuing college business cards, procedures for visiting foreign academics, a public relations policy, timetabling guidelines, and ancillary fundraising policy.


File contains correspondence, a questionnaire, lists of practicum placement locations, and the objectives and structures of practicum placements for different programs.

President's Advisory Group budget meeting

File documents the President's Advisory Group's (PAG) process for preparing the 1982-1983 budget. File contains memos, minutes, summaries of furniture and equipment requests, proposed building alterations and renovations and estimated costs, a report of capital budget requests by faculties and earlier drafts, a chart of sessional instructor's hours, requests for the addition/deletion of faculty/staff positions, and lists of division priorities and indispensable expenses.

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