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Witch trials

Series contains books and pamphlets about witchcraft, laws relating to witchcraft and other issues, and the witch trials in England, Scotland, and some other parts of Europe.

English Civil Wars

Series consists of pamphlets, books, and periodicals produced during the English Civil Wars (1642-1652), about the wars' causes, events, political and religious debates, and effects, from the perspective of both Royalists and Parliamentarians.

The Popish Plot

Series consists of pamphlets and one book relating to the fictitious conspiracy known as the "Popish Plot" (1678-1681). The Popish Plot was a fake conspiracy invented by clergyman Titus Oates and spread through polemical pamphlets like these, which alleged that Catholics were conspiring to assassinate Charles II and take control of England. The Plot inspired a wave of anti-Catholic hysteria in England, and numerous prosecutions of accused plotters on false charges, resulting in the executions of at least 22 men and the punishment of many others.

Paralympic Games

Series documents the planning and implementation of early Paralympic Games, the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) role in organizing Paralympic Games, and the experience of athletes and athletic teams participating in Paralympic Games. Series is divided into eight subseries: SS1- International Stoke Mandeville Games, SS2 - 1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled, SS3 - 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled, SS4 - 1988 Paralympic Games - Seoul and Innsbruck, SS5 - 1992 Paralympic Games - Barcelona, Tignes-Albertville, and Madrid, SS6 - 1996 Atlanta Paralympics Games, SS7 - 1998 Nagano Paralympic Games, and SS8 - 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, newsletters, newspapers, press releases, competition results, bulletins, schedules, brochures, manuals, guidelines, procedures, handbooks, itineraries, rules, directories, licensing agreements, photographs, athlete profiles, arbitration briefs and agreements, videos, memorabilia, journal articles, budgets, contract agreements, programs, books, logo designs, presentation slides, site maps, marketing plans, and entry forms.

International Paralympics Committee (IPC)

Series documents Steadward's involvement in the formation, organization, and administration of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Series also documents the activities, policies, and procedures of IPC committees, sub-committees, task forces, and Executive Committee members, and reflects the IPC's involvement and interactions with other disability sport organizations and leaders.

Series contains correspondence, minutes, meeting notices, agenda, reports, handbook sections, financial statements, job descriptions, bylaws, rules, procedures, agreements, press releases, news articles, brochures, notes, event schedules, newsletters, survey results, and motions.

University of Alberta and the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities

Series documents Steadward's work at the University of Alberta as a professor and founder of the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities in Edmonton, Alberta. Series also documents athletes, coaches, athletic teams, and researchers accessing the programs, services, training, and testing facilities at the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities.

The Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities was established by Steadward in 1978. It was later renamed the Rick Hansen Centre in 1987, and finally the Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement in 2000. The centre is an internationally-renowned disability research centre within the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta, and continues to support sport and fitness of people experiencing disability.

Series mainly consists of photographs, slides, and negatives of athletes participating in various disability sporting events and using training equipment and facilities. Series also contains video and audio recordings, presentation notes, manuals, guides, and annual reports.

Audio recordings

Series mostly consists of audio recordings of interviews conducted by Linda Many Guns as part of the Ten Grandmothers Project. Series also contains recordings of Blackfoot language lessons, songs, speeches, and presentations.


Series consists of photographs of various Mount Royal sports teams and student athletes in action and sporting events. Includes some photographs that are mounted on plaques. Series is arranged into three subseries: photograph binders, photographs (prints), and mounted photographs.

Audiovisual material

Series consists of photographs of Leona Paterson at events and with students and colleagues, as well as audio and video recordings of lectures, readings, interviews, and celebrations for Leona Paterson.

Personal records

Series consists of personal records documenting Leona Paterson's daily life, travels and accomplishments, including awards, newspaper clippings about here, events and celebrations honouring her career.

Theresa M. Siegel

Series consists of plays, poems and theory notes and lectures once belonging to Theresa M. Siegel, who taught Leona Paterson.

Harold Paterson

Series consists of certificates, correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs and speeches related to Harold Paterson's career and affiliations with the Knox United Church and various speech associations. Also includes poems written by Harold Paterson for friends, family and colleagues.

Teaching activities

Series consists of newspaper clippings, notes, correspondence, programs, syllabi, theses and exam and exam guidelines related to Leona Paterson's teaching career at Mount Royal College, Banff School of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.

Professional activities

Series documents Paterson's adjudication and attendance at festivals, her work with Mount Royal College's Readers Theatre, and her involvement with a number of Canadian and American speech associations. Series consists of festival programs and syllabi, speeches, correspondence, workshop pamphlets, and minutes.


Series consists of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, poems and other documents collected and assembled by Leona Paterson.

Civil defence

Series consists of civil defence pamphlets published by Canadian government departments that describe what to do and how to be prepared in the eventuality of nuclear attacks and other disasters.

Articles and reviews

Series documents Hunter's work as a reviewer of poetry and novels, as well as literary criticism of Hunter's own works. Series consists of book and poetry reviews, articles, poems, correspondence, interview transcripts, and event posters and notices.

Family history

Series documents Hunter's research into his family history and the history of Scottish immigrants to the Calgary area, which he used in his writing. Series consists of published histories, photographs, diary pages, maps, certificates of title, freehold reports, land title searches, articles, notes, and correspondence.

Writing and publications

Series illustrates Hunter's work as an novelist, poet, and writer of short stories. Series contains one subseries of Hunter's books, and also consists of short stories, poems, manuscript drafts, notes, editorial feedback, newspaper clippings, media articles, correspondence, reviews, interviews, contracts, event posters, diaries, photographs, and newsletters.


Series consists of Hunter's personal and professional correspondence and contains letters, postcards, and greeting cards from friends, family members, fellow authors and poets, and publishers. Series also contains some poems, short stories, royalty and title-earning summaries, newspaper articles, obituaries, forms, student essays, contracts and agreements, and event notices and posters.

Japanese woodblock printing

Series contains volumes and prints that were created using Japanese woodblock printing techniques. Woodblock printing was introduced to Japan during China's Han Dynasty but didn't become widespread in Japan until the Edo period (1603-1868). Woodblock printing became particularly popular among ukiyo-e artists. The process involved applying water-based coloured ink to relief carvings.

Series contains senso-e war prints, manga books, and an educational book for children.

Liturgical books

Series consists of leaves from liturgical books (also known as service books), which were used by the clergy in the celebration of Christian public religious worship. Types of liturgical books in the series include breviaries, antiphonals, psalters, hymnals and gradual processionals.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games

Series documents the planning, organization, and media coverage of Olympic Games as organized by the International Olympic Committee. Series contains correspondence, news articles, minutes, agendas, meeting notes, official reports, papers, and proposals.

Speeches, presentations, interviews, and publications

Series documents speeches, presentations, and papers written and delivered by Steadward on the topics of disability, sport, and the Paralympics. Series also documents research on similar topics received by Steadward for informational purposes. Series includes one subseries containing audio recordings of the Vista '93 Conference, papers, draft papers, presentation notes, presentation slides, lecture notes, news articles, photographs, and videos.

Non-Paralympic disability sporting events and associations

Series documents records received and produced by Steadward in the course of his involvement and communication with international sporting organizations, and national and international sports organizations that represent disabled athletes. Organizations include: the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association, International Blind Sport Association, Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons, Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations of the Disabled, Commonwealth Games Federation, Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association, Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association, Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled, General Association of International Sports Federation, International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled, International Committee on Integration of Athletes with a Disability, International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability, International Sports Foundation, International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation, International Sports Federation for the Disabled, Paralympic Sports Association, South African Sports Association for Physically Disabled, and others.

Series documents administration and organization of worldwide disability sports associations, relationships between disability sports organizations and the International Paralympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee membership, information on programs, services, and adaptive equipment for disabled athletes, and the planning and execution of sporting competitions and events such as the Commonwealth Games, Great Wall Run, World Blind Sports Championship, Games for the Physically Disabled, Canadian Olympics, National Wheelchair Games, Wheelchair Basketball Gold Cup, Olympiad for the Physically Disabled, Canadian Wheelchair Indoor Championship, World Wheelchair Games.

Series contains two subseries: Wheelchair sports and associations and video reels. Series also contains correspondence, reports, minutes, policies, bylaws, newsletters, conference and symposia proceedings, schedules, proposals, membership lists, team lists, athlete standings/rankings, rules, videos, memorabilia, news articles, and press releases.

Marketing, promotion, and press

Series documents the marketing and promotion of the Conservatory as well as media coverage of Conservatory programs, events, faculty, and students. Series contains one subseries: News coverage containing news and media articles. Series also contains newsletters, brochures, advertisements, event programs, posters, press releases, reviews, calendars of events, performance detail forms, and marketing plans.

Morningside Music Bridge

Series documents the organization and production of the Morningside Music Bridge (MMB) summer musical exchange program for young Canadian, Chinese, and other international musicians. Series is divided into nine subseries based on program year, and predominantly documents the program from its third to eleventh year. Series contains: participant forms, application packages, student biographies, homestay arrangements and evaluations, correspondence, concert and recital programs, travel arrangements and itineraries, advertisements, news articles, promotional materials, marketing plans, budget and operating information, grant applications, and final reports.


Series documents the general administration of the Conservatory and its programs. Series contains agendas and minutes, statistical enrollment reports, correspondence and memoranda, financial statements, press releases, business and program development proposals, talent release forms, reports, and photographs of faculty and musical groups.

Branch Teachers Association

Series documents the history of the Branch Teachers Association's relationship with the Mount Royal Conservatory. The Branch Teachers Association was an informal (non-incorporated) organization of musical instructors that provided music lessons to students unable to travel to the Mount Royal campus in Calgary. Branch Association teachers were affiliated with the Mount Royal College Conservatory, but were self-employed and worked under renewable contracts. Series contains: association meeting minutes, faculty and student recital programs, Conservatory and Association correspondence, and student scholarship information.

Theatre programs

This series contains performance programs documenting local Albertan productions of which Grant Paterson attended or was involved with in some capacity.

Local speech and music festivals

Series contains programs for the Calgary Kiwanis Music festival and other Calgary-based music, speech, and performing arts festivals. Series also contains newsletters, photographs, tickets, and a newspaper clipping.


Series documents Paterson's education in drama and speech arts, and his participation in workshops and conferences. Series contains correspondence, programs, newspaper articles, audition scenes, reports cards, scripts, course descriptions, examination reports, brochures, letters of reference, assignments, newsletters, guidelines, recordings, contact lists, posters, and a thesis.


Series documents Paterson's work as a actor, speech artist, director, musician, and singer. Series contains two sub-series: Rhyme Rustler and Young Shakespeare Company. Series contains programs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, contracts, recordings, advertisements, reviews, schedules, certificates, cards, examination results, adjudication forms, brochures, applications, scripts, songs, posters, diplomas, and cast and student lists.


Series document's Paterson's work as a speech arts and drama instructor and adjudicator, and also documents Paterson's appointment as Coordinator of Speech Arts at Mount Royal College. Series consists of programs, newspaper articles, correspondence, schedules, photographs, audio and video recordings, lists of students, cards, scripts, tickets, course outlines, invitations, and brochures.


Series documents Paterson's work as an adjudicator for various Canadian music, speech, and performing arts festivals. Series consists of festival programs, correspondence, schedules, regulations, and poetry selections.


Series contains student yearbooks published by Mount Royal College and by individual departments and programs. Yearbooks contain photographs of students, faculty, clubs, sports teams, and campus events, student creative writing, reports from clubs and committees, addresses from college presidents and yearbook editors, and advertisements.

Professional development

Series documents professional development opportunities sponsored or supported by the MRFA. Series contains photographic slides, newsletters, taped conferences and presentations, and brochures.

College/University administrative and reference documents

Series documents records that were produced by Mount Royal College/University and distributed to the MRFA and faculty members for informational or review purposes. Series contains one subseries, Financial statements and budget planning, contains financial records for Mount Royal College/University. Series also contains reports, discussion papers, reference manuals, survey results, policies, campus trends and statistics, legislation, and bylaws.

Collective bargaining

Series documents the collective bargaining and negotiation process between the MRFA and the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University. Series illustrates the work of the MRFA and its committees related to developing negotiation positions, engaging with membership, and representing the Association's interests during negotiations. Series contains one subseries containing draft and finalized collective agreements. Series also contains statements of negotiation interests, draft article amendments, agendas, meeting notes, correspondence, memoranda, tables summarizing faculty workloads, salary statistics and comparisons with other institutions, grid adjustment calculations, surveys and survey result summaries, budget and revenue figures, consumer price index figures, negotiation updates, and draft proposals.


Series documents rodeo competition at the Calgary Stampede and its promotion. Series consists of: programs, guides, brochures, branded stationary, as well as promotional objects including pins, patches, buttons, tokens, and decals.

Blueprint for survival

Series consists of "Blueprint for survival" pamphlets which were intended for the civilian population containing and contained survival plans and other information to prepare for the possibility of nuclear attack. These pamphlets were published by various Canadian government departments and distributed by the Emergency Measures Organization.

Legal documents

Series consists of English and French legal documents enacting or recording the transfer of property or rights from one person or group to another. Legal documents in this series include marriage settlements/contracts, property leases/declarations of sale, a will, a deed, an obligation, and a papal bull.


Series primarily documents Canadian professional golf, including the Professional Golf Association (PGA), Ladies' Professional Golf Association (LPGA), and Canadian professional tours. Series consists of programs, magazines, pairing sheets, tickets, score cards, and promotional objects.


Series documents Canadian professional and senior amateur baseball, including Canadian leagues (especially those in Western Canada) and international leagues in which Canadian teams participated. Series consists of: programs, brochures, tickets, magazines, yearbooks, photographs, scorecards, trading cards, postcards, and schedules, as well as promotional objects including buttons, patches, decals, and pennants.

Documented professional leagues include: Major League Baseball (1908-2009), the Pacific Coast Baseball League (1950-2002), Western International Baseball League (1946-1954), Northern Baseball League (1946-2010), International Baseball League (1946-1999), and the Pioneer Baseball League (1977-1984).

Documented senior amateur leagues include: the Alberta Big Four Inter City Baseball League (1947-1950), Western Canada Baseball League (1955-1964), Southern Alberta Baseball League (1958-1959), Canadian American Baseball League (1959), and the Alberta Major Baseball League (1967-1975).


Series documents Canadian football at the professional, senior amateur, junior amateur, and varsity/collegiate levels. Series relates to Canadian leagues (especially those in Western Canada) as well as international leagues in which Canadian teams played. Series consists of programs, brochures, tickets, magazines, yearbooks, schedules, media guides, trading cards, and photographs, as well as promotional objects including decals and patches.

Documented professional leagues include: the Canadian Football League (1960-2018, including Grey Cup finals and all-star games), Ontario Rugby Football Union (1940-1960), Inter-provincial Rugby Football Union (1945-1959), Western Inter-provincial Rugby Football Union (1945-1959), Ontario Rugby Football Union (1945-1960), American Football League (1960-1969), National Football League (1933-1999), United States Football League (1983-1987), World Football League (1974-1975), and World League of American Football (1990-1992).

Senior amateur leagues include: the Ontario Rugby Football Union (1906-1915), Inter-provincial Rugby Football Union (1907-1940), Alberta Rugby Union (1919-1936), Ontario Rugby Football Union (1919-1939, Manitoba Rugby Football Union (1930-1935), Western Inter-provincial Football Union (1936-1941), Eastern Canada Armed Services Football (1941-1944), and Western Canada Armed Services Football (1942-1944).

Junior and varsity/collegiate leagues include the Calgary High School Football League (1912-1999), Canadian Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union (1919-1966), Canadian Junior Football Final (1925-1999), Western Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union (1927-1948), Saskatchewan Junior Football Union (1946-1952), Alberta Junior Football League (1950-1975), Manitoba-Saskatchewan Junior Football League (1953-1975), Prairie Junior Football Conference (1976-1999), Western Canada Intercollegiate Athletic Union (1959-1966), and NCAA Football (1950-1999).


Series documents Canadian hockey at the professional and amateur (junior, intermediate, and senior) levels. Series relates to Canadian leagues (especially those in Western Canada) and international leagues in which Canadian teams took part. Series consists of programs, yearbooks, media guides, tickets, magazines (including Blueline Hockey Monthly, Hockey Pictorial, and National Hockey Annual), photographs, schedules, trading cards, calendars, as well as promotional objects including patches and decals.

Documented professional leagues include: the National Hockey Association (from 1909 to 1917), Pacific Coast Hockey Association (1911-1924), Western Canada Hockey League (1921-1933), Western Hockey League (1925-1926, 1948-1974), Prairie Hockey League (1926-1928, 1971-1972), Canadian-American Hockey League (1926-1936), Canadian Professional Hockey League (1926-1930), American Hockey Association (1926-1942), Pacific Coast Hockey League (1928-1931), International American Hockey League (1929-1936), North West Hockey League (1933-1936), Pacific Coast Hockey League (1936-1941), International Hockey League (1945-1951), United States Hockey League (1945-1951), Quebec Hockey League (1953-1959), Eastern Professional Hockey League (1959-1963), World Hockey Association (1972-1979), National Hockey League (1917-2017, including Stanley Cup finals and all-star games), and the Super Series (1975-1992).

Senior and intermediate amateur leagues include: the West Kootenay Hockey League (1922-1946), Ottawa City Senior Hockey League (1923-1945), Montreal Senior Group Hockey League (1927-1937), Northern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (1927-1938), Southern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (1927-1938), Edmonton District Senior Hockey Association (1928-1936), Southern Alberta Senior Hockey League (1928-1936), Alberta Senior Six Hockey League (1936-1938), Quebec Senior Hockey League (1937-1953), Alberta Senior Hockey League (1938-1941, 1965-1971), Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (1938-1942), Manitoba Services Hockey League (1939-1945), Halifax Senior Hockey League (1940-1946), Alberta-British Columbia Hockey League (1941-1942), Pacific Coast Hockey League (1941-1948), Western Canada Intermediate (1941-1947), Lower Mainland Senior Hockey League (1942-1943), Vancouver Island Hockey League (1942-1943), Alberta Services Hockey League (1942-1945), Southern Alberta's Inter-station Hockey League (1943-1944), Northern Alberta Inter-service Hockey League (1944-1945), Camp Borden Hockey League (1944-1945), Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey League (1945-1951), Western Canada Senior Hockey League (1945-1951, 1965-1968), Big Six Hockey League (1945-1960), Maritime Amateur Hockey League (1946-1950), Cape Breton Senior Hockey League (1946-1951), Western International Hockey League (1946-1988), Maritime Major Hockey League (1950-1954), Okanagan Senior Amateur Hockey League (1951-1970), Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (1951-1971), Central Alberta Intermediate Hockey League (1952-1965), Alberta-Montana Hockey League (1953-1955), and the Alberta Senior Hockey Exhibition (1964-1965). Documented senior amateur tournaments include: the Allan Cup (1908-1999), World Amateur Hockey Championships (1920-1976), and the Alexander Trophy (1951-1954).

Junior leagues include: the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (1936-1966), Manitoba Junior Hockey League (1940-1960), Edmonton City Junior Hockey League (1945-1950), Southern Alberta Junior A Hockey League (1946-1948), Western Junior Hockey League (1948-1956), Alberta Junior Hockey League (1964-2010), Canadian Major Junior Hockey League (1966-1967), Western Canada Junior Hockey League (1967-1968), Western Canada Hockey League (1968-1978). The Canadian Olympic team is also documented for the years 1968-1988.


Series consists of published literature with topics including Irish and Scottish music, an ornithological text, juvenile fiction, and novel. The series also features books containing the collected works of Chaucer and Confucius.

Library administration

Series documents the administration of the Mount Royal College library, including the planning of renovations and art displays, user feedback, and communications.

New library planning

Series document the activities of committees involved in the planning and design of a new Mount Royal library building. Series also documents planning and preparation for the functions and opening of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre.

Academic calendars

Series contains Mount Royal College and Mount Royal University academic calendars, including calendars for specific departments and special programs, as well as calendar supplements. Calendars contain program descriptions and requirements, registration procedures, information about faculty and campus resource centers, and general information about the college/university, campus, and residences.


Series documents the administration and organization of the Department of Nursing. Series contains memoranda, correspondence, office assignments, equipment specifications and inventories, copyright documentation, policies, workload forms, campus plans, and reports.

Institutional reports

Series contains reports prepared by the Department of Institutional Analysis & Planning and other college departments which were received by the School of Nursing. Series contains reports, surveys and questionnaires, institutional development plans, correspondence, memoranda, and enrollment data.

Outside organizations and governing bodies

Series documents communications between the Mount Royal College School of Nursing and outside nursing agencies, governing bodies, and other nursing schools. Series is divided into four subseries: Universities Coordinating Council, Alberta Association of Registered Nurses, Government of Alberta, and Alberta Vocational Centre. Series contains correspondence, newsletters, news releases, reports, position papers, proposals, course modules, and nursing standards/guidelines.


Series documents the activities nursing alumni associations and the planning special events. Series contains photographs, correspondence, membership lists, financial records, event invitations and responses, and administrative records.


Series documents the development and distribution of student nursing awards. Series contains correspondence, award criteria, lists of recipients, award ceremony programs, award descriptions, and trophies.

Athabasca University at Mount Royal College

Series documents the planning and delivery of a Bachelor of Nursing program offered in conjunction with Athabasca University. Series contains correspondence, memoranda, notes, minutes, agendas, surveys and survey results, curriculum submission forms, articles, marketing and promotional materials, course outlines and descriptions, and webpages.

Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program

Series illustrates the development and administration of the Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program, which was an educational partnership between Mount Royal College, the University of Calgary, and the Foothills Hospital School of Nursing. Series contains: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, agendas, committee reports, program development research, curriculum development documentation, budget calculations and financial statements, polices, procedures, handbooks and manuals, survey results, program brochures, newspaper clippings, and journal articles.

Series is arranged into five subseries: Councils and committees, Course outlines and syllabi, Program and curriculum development, Reports and publications, and Manuals, guidelines, and handbooks.

The Diploma Nursing Program and nursing certificate programs

Series documents the development, promotion, and management of the two-year Diploma Nursing Program as well as the Post Basic Mental Health Certificate and Gerontology Certificate programs. Series is divided into five subseries: Program and curriculum development, Minutes, Reports, History, and Promotional materials and handbooks. Series contains correspondence, memoranda, brochures, pamphlets, curriculum design tables, student and faculty handbooks, newspaper clippings, minutes, reports, program proposals, surveys, and questionnaires.

Photo albums

Series contains photo albums documenting the construction of the Lincoln Park Campus from the groundbreaking ceremony to the 82nd week of construction. The photo albums consist of photographs with descriptive captions and site map illustrations showing exactly where each photo was taken. Series also contains materials that were used in the creation of the photo albums such as contact sheets, site plan illustrations, and descriptive captions.

History project interview recordings

Series contains audio recordings of interviews conducted by Stephen Wilks and Robert MacDonald with former Mount Royal College students, faculty, staff, and administration as research for the Mount Royal History Project.

Music and teaching

Series contains programs from musical events that Leacock performed or participated in as a teacher, a copy of his composition "Sea Horses", and newspaper and journal articles regarding his career and performances.

Awards and distinctions

Series contains awards that Leacock received for his service to Mount Royal College, his accomplishments as a composer and performer, and as a dedicated teacher.

Field/travel/work notes

Series contains field notes from geological sites across Canada, the United Kingdom, and France; travel notes from attending geological and mineralogical conferences, workshops, seminars, and meetings across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, China, and Japan; work notes from developing the MinIdent software/database, testing geological samples and equipment, and consulting with colleagues in the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.

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