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Department yearbooks

Subseries contains yearbooks produced by individual Mount Royal College departments and programs. Yearbooks contains photos of students and faculty, advertisements, and text.

Universities Coordinating Council

Subseries documents the interactions of Mount Royal's nursing faculty with the Nursing Education Survey Team (NEST), a body of the Universities Coordinating Council Committee on Nursing Education (UCCCNE). The Universities Coordinating Council (UCC) was created in 1966 under the Universities Act to serve as an advisory body to the Minister of Education on matters of new program approvals. NEST was first formed in 1961 by the Minister of Health for the purpose of bringing recommendations related to the training of nurses and the development of new programs to increase the supply of nurses and maintain a high level of nursing standards in the province. The authority to make regulations regarding nursing education became the purview of the UCC through the Registered Nurses Act. Subseries contains correspondence, memoranda, self-evaluations, appraisal reports, annual reports, survey results, program and course information, and NEST recommendations.


Subseries documents men's professional level ice hockey leagues and teams in Canada and the United States. Subseries documents league and exhibition games, playoff games, and hockey tournaments and special events such as the Canada Cup, Stanley Cup, and Soviet Super Series. Subseries contains programs, photographs, tickets, cards, schedules, guides, magazines, stickers, and other promotional materials.

Subsereis consists of three subsubseries: SSS1-National Hockey League, SSS2-World Hockey Association, and SSS3-Western Canada Hockey League. In addition, it contains records relating to the following other leagues: American Hockey Association, American Hockey League, Canadian Professional Hockey League, Canadian-American Hockey League, Eastern Professional Hockey League, International American Hockey League, International Hockey League, National Hockey Association, North West Hockey League, Pacific Coast Hockey Association, Pacific Coast Hockey League, Prairie Hockey League, Quebec Hockey League, and the United States Hockey League.

Rhyme Rustler

Subseries documents the performances of Rhyme Rustler: The Ballad of Robert Service which was written and performed by Paterson and Jim Dobbin. Subseries contains newspaper clippings, posters, advertisements, programs, photographs, cards, correspondence, video recordings, brochures, newsletters, directories, and delegate lists.


Subsubseries contains records relating to North American professional football leagues and their membership teams. The majority of these leagues are Canadian. Subseries also contains records relating to special events such as exhibition games, league playoffs, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and Grey Cup finals. Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Ontario Rugby Football Union, Inter-provincial Rugby Football Union, Western Inter-provincial Football Union, Canadian Football League, American Football League, National Football League, United States Football League, World Football League, and World League of American Football.

Councils and committees

Subseries documents the activities of committees, councils, and task forces responsible for or related to the Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program. Subseries contains records from the following committees: Nominations and Rules Committee; Coordinators Committee; Management Committee; Steering Committee; Executive Committee; Curriculum Committee; Program Committee; Recruitment and Retention Committee; Admissions Committee; Student Academic Review Committee; Dean's Council; Academic Council; Joint Venture Committee; Inter-Faith Ad Hoc Committee; General Education Ad Hoc Committee; Core Committee; Expansion Committee; Task Force Committee; Budget/Financial Planning Committee; Committee on Nursing Education; Joint Faculty Entry to Practice Committee; CCNP Psychiatric Mental Health Specialty group; Health Care Specialty Group; CCNP Pediatric Nursing Instructors Group; CCNP Perinatal Group; Community Health; Gerontological Nursing Curriculum Group; Teaching-Learning Strategies Committee; Computer Advisory Committee; CCNP Logo Committee; CCNP Sub-Committee on Health Services; Psychomotor Skills Clinician Group; Student Faculty Liason Committee; Focus Year Planning Committee; CCNP Foundations Committee;

Subseries contains minutes, agendas, memoranda, correspondence, committee reports, membership lists, committee mandates, and course and budget planning documents.


Subseries contains records relating to professional baseball leagues and their membership teams. Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Major League Baseball (MLB), Pacific Coast Baseball League, Western International Baseball League, Northern Baseball League, International Baseball League, Alberta Big Four Inter City Baseball League, Pioneer Baseball League. Subseries contains exhibition, playoff, and Worl Series programs as well as tickets, photographs, cards, schedules, magazines, and promotional materials.


Subsubseries contains records relating to Senior Canadian football leagues and their membership teams. Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Ontario Rugby Football Union, Inter-provincial Rugby Football Union, Alberta Rugby Union, Manitoba Rugby Football Union, Western Inter-provincial Football Union, Eastern Canada Armed Services Football, and Western Canada Armed Services Football.


Subseries documents Department of Nursing and Allied Health full faculty meetings and Consortium of Senior Nurse Educators meetings. Nursing and Allied Health faculty meetings cover an array of topics focused around: committee reports to faculty, Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program planning, curriculum and teaching issues and development, faculty scholarship and professional development, and department and college administrative business.
Subseries consists of agendas, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, policies and procedures, surveys and questionnaires, membership lists, department objectives, and planning documents. Subseries also contains program reports from the diploma nursing; post-basic mental health; and gerontology certificate programs, as well as committee reports/updates from the Curriculum Committee; Personnel and Professional Development Committee; Policy, Positions and Promotions Committee; Computer Committee; Admissions Committee; Grad Committee; Workload Committee; and Social Committee.


Subseries documents men's senior level ice hockey leagues and teams in Canada, with a particular focus on Alberta and western Canada. Subseries contains records relating to leagues, teams, and special events and tournaments such as the Allan Cup and Alexander Trophy finals. Subseries contains programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, schedules, yearbooks, guides, and other promotional material.
Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Alberta British Columbia Hockey League, Alberta Montana Hockey League, Alberta Senior Hockey Exhibition, Alberta Senior Six Hockey League, Alberta Services Hockey League, Big Six Hockey League, Camp Borden Hockey League, Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, Central Alberta Intermediate Hockey League, Edmonton District Senior Hockey Association, Halifax Senior Hockey League, Manitoba Services Hockey League, Maritime Amateur Hockey League, Maritimes Major Hockey League, Montreal Senior Group Hockey League, Northern Alberta Inter-Service Hockey League, Northern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey League, Okanagan Senior Amateur Hockey League, Ontario City Senior Hockey League, Pacific Coast Hockey League, Prairie Hockey League, Quebec Senior Hockey League, Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, Southern Alberta Senior Hockey League, Southern Alberta's Inter-Station Hockey League, Vancouver Island Hockey League, West Kootenay Hockey League, Western Canada Senior Hockey League, and Western International Hockey League.

Young Shakespeare company

Series documents Paterson's founding and directing of The Young Shakespeare Company. Series contains programs, photographs, scripts, recordings, cast lists, correspondence, newspaper clippings, certificates, event calendars, adjudication forms, and lists of students.


Subseries contains records relating to Senior/amateur baseball leagues and their membership teams.The majority of the teams are from Alberta or Saskatchewan. Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Western Canada Baseball League, Southern Alberta Baseball League, Canadian American Baseball League, and Alberta Major Baseball League.


Subseries mainly consists of reports about the Diploma Nursing Program and nursing certificate programs. Subseries contains annual reports, program assessments, study reports, project proposals, departmental objectives, and correspondence.

Program and curriculum development

Subseries documents the planning and development of the Calgary Conjoint Nursing Program and subsequent curriculum development and changes. Subseries contains memoranda, correspondence, minutes, planning models, agreements, proposals, reports, calendar descriptions, course and program submission forms, budget calculations, financial statements and summaries, procedures, and policies.


Subseries documents men's junior level (open to amateur players twenty years old and under) ice hockey leagues and teams in Alberta and the rest of western Canada. Subseries contains records relating to various leagues, teams, and the Memorial Cup playoffs. Subseries contains programs, photographs, yearbooks, guides, and promotional patches.

Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Alberta Junior Hockey League, Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, Edmonton City Junior Hockey League, Manitoba Junior Hockey League, Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, Southern Alberta Junior A Hockey League, Western Canada Hockey League.


Subsubseries contains records relating to Junior, Collegiate, and High School football leagues and their membership teams. The majority of these leagues are Canadian. Subseries also contains records relating to special events and league playoffs such as Canadian Junior Football Final, Vanier Cup Final, Hula Bowl, and Rose Bowl. Subseries contains records from the following leagues: Calgary High School Football League, Canadian Inter-collegiate Rugby Football Union, Western Inter-collegiate Rugby Football Union, Saskatchewan Junior Football League, Alberta Junior Football League, Manitoba-Saskatchewan Junior Football League, Prairie Junior Football Conference, Western Canada Intercollegiate Athletic Union, Canada East Universities Athletic Association, Canada West Universities Athletic Association, Canadian Inter-collegiate Athletic Union, and National Collegiate Athletic Association.


Subseries documents the early history of the Diploma Nursing Program. Subseries contains books written about the program, as well as correspondence, newspaper clippings, and questionnaires.

Alberta Vocational Centre

Subseries consists of course materials for the Nursing Assistant Program offered at the Alberta Vocational Centre (AVC). The MRC Allied Health Department evaluated AVC's Nursing Assistant Program to determine the feasibility of granting graduates transfer credits or a credit exemption route into the Diploma Nursing Program.