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English Civil Wars

Series consists of pamphlets, books, and periodicals produced during the English Civil Wars (1642-1652), about the wars' causes, events, political and religious debates, and effects, from the perspective of both Royalists and Parliamentarians.

Annie Bare Shin Bone

Item is a recording of part of a second interview with Annie Bare Shin Bone. Side A of the tape contains a duplicate copy of an interview with Strangling Wolf (0953-03).

The Popish Plot

Series consists of pamphlets and one book relating to the fictitious conspiracy known as the "Popish Plot" (1678-1681). The Popish Plot was a fake conspiracy invented by clergyman Titus Oates and spread through polemical pamphlets like these, which alleged that Catholics were conspiring to assassinate Charles II and take control of England. The Plot inspired a wave of anti-Catholic hysteria in England, and numerous prosecutions of accused plotters on false charges, resulting in the executions of at least 22 men and the punishment of many others.

The tryals of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove ; for conspiring to murder the King : who upon full evidence were found guilty of high treason, at the sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, December the 17th, 1678, and received sentence accordingly

Item is a transcript of the murder trials of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove, who were falsely convicted of plotting to murder the king as part of the Popish Plot.

The tryals of Robert Green, Henry Berry, & Lawrence Hill : for the murder of Sr. Edmond-bury Godfrey knt., one of His Majesties justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex; at the Kings-bench bar at Westminster, before the Right Honourable Sir William Scroggs knt., lord chief justice of that court, and the rest of His Majesties judges there, on Monday the 10th of February 1678/9 : where, upon full evidence they were convicted, and received sentence accordingly, on Tuesday the next day following

Item is a transcript from the murder trial of Robert Green, Henry Berry, and Lawrence Hill. Green, Berry, and Hill were falsely accused and convicted of murdering Edmond-bury Godfrey, a justice of the peace, as part of the Popish Plot conspiracy. Their trial and execution contributed to anti-Catholic sentiments in England.

Reasons humbly offered to His Majesty for his dispensing with the oath of allegiance as to His Highness the Duke of York: and for his sitting in the Council of Scotland without taking the said oath

Item is a pamphlet written anonymously in defence of King Charles II's decision to appoint his brother, James the Duke of York, as Lord High Commissioner of Scotland despite his refusal to take the Test Oath because he was a Catholic. James later ascended the throne, becoming King James II of England in 1685, before being deposed in 1688 in the Glorious Revolution.


Item is a recording of an interview with Susan Strangling Wolf.

England's second warning-piece, or, Observations on the barbarous attempt to murther Justice Arnold, April the 15th 1680 containing 1. a true relation of the matter of fact, 2. some remarks on the circumstances, 3. a true copy of the pretended speech of Evans the popish priest, executed in Glamorganshire (as it was lately printed by the papists) in revenge of whose prosecution, this assassination is presumed to have been committed with a comment on the hypocritical speech of that dying traytor

Item is a pamphlet detailing an alleged murder attempt by English Catholics on the life of Judge John Arnold of Monmouthshire. John Arnold was a Protestant politician known for his anti-Catholic beliefs and politics, and his association with the priest Titus Oats, who fabricated the Popish Plot. John Giles of Usk was eventually convicted and fined for the fictitious attempt on Judge Arnold's life.

Animadversions on the speech read by the late Lord Stafford, at the place of execution on Tower-Hill : $$b plainly shewing the fallacy of all the asseverations of his innocency

Item is the speech of William Howard Stafford, First Viscount of Stafford, prior to his execution for high treason. Stafford was a Royalist supporter who was falsely convicted of participation in the Popish Plot and executed.

Gassho Dojikun [combined book of children's textbook]

Item is an illustrated textbook for children from Edo Period, created by Suaraya Gensuke and six other authors. The textbook covers a wide range of topics and subjects including moral teachings, historical events, times tables, geography, reading, math, and defines important relationships such as those between a feudal lord and followers, father/son, husband/wife, and parents/children etc.

Vestigii delle Terme di Constantino...

Item is an etching by the artist Etienne Duperac, depicting the south-west side of the Baths of Constantine. The Baths of Constantine were destroyed and replaced with the Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi.

The Temptation of St. Anthony

Item is a single leaf etched print created by French artist, Jacques Callot, a master printmaker of the Baroque period. The engraving depicts St. Anthony being tempted and tortured in the Egyptian dessert by the devil and a host of demons. The devil, in the form of a monstrous dragon directs the chaos, while St. Anthony cowers near the mouth of a cave in the bottom left corner. Originally created in 1635, this version of the print is Callot's second attempt at capturing the temptation of St. Anthony.

Lake Louise

Item is a photograph taken by Leacock of Lake Louise, near Banff, Alberta.

Robert Steadward fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0054
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2017

Fonds reflects Steadward's work as the first President of the International Paralympic Committee and his involvement in the development of fitness and competitive sport opportunities for people with disabilities. Fonds is divided into six series: S1 - University of Alberta and the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities, S2 - International Paralympic Committee (IPC), S3 - Paralympic Games, S4 - Non-Paralympic disability sporting events and associations, S5 - Speeches, presentations, interviews, and publications, and S6 - International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games.

Fonds contains correspondence, reports, minutes, speeches, presentations, papers, newspapers, agendas, meeting notes, policies, bylaws, newsletters, press releases, competition results, handbooks, budgets, rules, photographs, videos, manuals, and guides.

Robert Steadward

William Watson Lodge - A special place

Item is a promotional video for William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis county, a lodge that specializes in barrier-free wilderness accommodations for seniors and people with disabilities.

No way out - World series

Item is a video of programs filmed from television. Item includes a 30 minute documentary called 'No Way Out", in which interviewer, Peter Downie, discusses disability and the right to die. Item also includes a World Series baseball game.

1992 Paralympic Games - Barcelona, Tignes-Albertville, and Madrid

Subseries documents athletes participating in Paralympic Games held in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, and Tignes-Albertville, France. Subseries also documents the International Paralympics Committee's involvement as an oversight body for international paralympic sport. Subseries contains minutes, correspondence, handbooks, reports, press releases, news and magazine articles, competition rankings and results, photographs, arbitration briefs and agreements, and brochures.

1988 Paralympic Games - Seoul and Innsbruck

Subseries documents the participation of Canadian teams at the winter and summer Paralympics in Seoul, Korea and Innsbruck, Austria. Subseries also documents the International Paralympic Committee's role in planning and organizing the Paralympic games. Subseries contains competition results, directories, correspondence, minutes, reports, journal articles, handbooks, budgets, athlete profiles, and rules and regulations.

International Stoke Mandeville Games

Subseries documents the attendance of Canadian athletes at the International Stoke Mandeville Games. Subseries contains reports, videos, handbooks, schedules, entry forms, itineraries, correspondence, results, lists of athletes, programs, and a published book.

The first Stoke Mandeville Games involved a wheelchair athletic competition organized in 1948 during the London Olympic Games. The International Stoke Mandeville Games became the first Paralympic Games when the competition was held alongside the Olympics in Rome in 1960.

Paralympic Games

Series documents the planning and implementation of early Paralympic Games, the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) role in organizing Paralympic Games, and the experience of athletes and athletic teams participating in Paralympic Games. Series is divided into eight subseries: SS1- International Stoke Mandeville Games, SS2 - 1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled, SS3 - 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled, SS4 - 1988 Paralympic Games - Seoul and Innsbruck, SS5 - 1992 Paralympic Games - Barcelona, Tignes-Albertville, and Madrid, SS6 - 1996 Atlanta Paralympics Games, SS7 - 1998 Nagano Paralympic Games, and SS8 - 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games.

Series contains correspondence, reports, minutes, newsletters, newspapers, press releases, competition results, bulletins, schedules, brochures, manuals, guidelines, procedures, handbooks, itineraries, rules, directories, licensing agreements, photographs, athlete profiles, arbitration briefs and agreements, videos, memorabilia, journal articles, budgets, contract agreements, programs, books, logo designs, presentation slides, site maps, marketing plans, and entry forms.

International Paralympics Committee (IPC)

Series documents Steadward's involvement in the formation, organization, and administration of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Series also documents the activities, policies, and procedures of IPC committees, sub-committees, task forces, and Executive Committee members, and reflects the IPC's involvement and interactions with other disability sport organizations and leaders.

Series contains correspondence, minutes, meeting notices, agenda, reports, handbook sections, financial statements, job descriptions, bylaws, rules, procedures, agreements, press releases, news articles, brochures, notes, event schedules, newsletters, survey results, and motions.

Rick Hansen Centre slides

File contains photographic slides from the Rick Hansen Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Slides depict photographs of athletes competing in Paralympic events at the 1976 Toronto Olympiad, 1980 Olympics for the Physically Disabled in Holland, 1980 Winter Paralympics in Norway, and the 1971 Pan Am Games in Jamaica. Slides also depict athletes training, presentation slides, wedding pictures, award ceremonies, and candid shots of individuals and groups.

Disability sport and training photographs

File contains photographs of disabled athletes training at the Rick Hansen Centre, and slides used in presentations and speaking engagements. Images also depict disabled sporting events such as as basketball camps, Paralympic Sports Association swimming programs, track and field championships, Stoke Mandeville Games, and Sportsfest.

Ron Payette

File contains slides depicting wheelchair athlete Ron Payette competing in a race.

University of Alberta and the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities

Series documents Steadward's work at the University of Alberta as a professor and founder of the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities in Edmonton, Alberta. Series also documents athletes, coaches, athletic teams, and researchers accessing the programs, services, training, and testing facilities at the Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities.

The Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disabilities was established by Steadward in 1978. It was later renamed the Rick Hansen Centre in 1987, and finally the Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement in 2000. The centre is an internationally-renowned disability research centre within the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta, and continues to support sport and fitness of people experiencing disability.

Series mainly consists of photographs, slides, and negatives of athletes participating in various disability sporting events and using training equipment and facilities. Series also contains video and audio recordings, presentation notes, manuals, guides, and annual reports.

Traditional wisdom CDs

File consists of CDs containing digital images of the quilt and quilting squares, descriptions of the ten grandmothers quilt, biographies, and an audio recording.

Ten Grandmother's Book by Linda Many Guns

File consists of a draft manuscript by Linda Many Guns based on her interviews of the ten grandmothers. The manuscript includes a chapter for each grandmother, a table of contents, and notes.

Mae Tallow

File consists of an introduction, dress pattern, genealogy and photographs.

Grandmother biographies

File consists of biographies of the ten interviewed grandmothers prepared by the Nii Touii Knowledge and Learning Centre, as well as biographies of Indigenous chiefs from the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.

Mae Tallow

Item is a recording of a second interview with Mae Tallow. Interview includes Mae's special message for the 10 Grandmother's book. Side A is a duplicate recording of 0953-07.

Audio recordings

Series mostly consists of audio recordings of interviews conducted by Linda Many Guns as part of the Ten Grandmothers Project. Series also contains recordings of Blackfoot language lessons, songs, speeches, and presentations.


Item is a recording of an interview with Molly Bull Shoe. The interview covers Molly's family history, her advice on raising a family, creating supportive relationships, and the importance of preserving Indigenous culture.

Gospel Blues

Item is a recording of The Gospel of John in Blackfoot. Side 1: John 5:1-6:40 by Alvin Epp, Rosemary Alberta, Side 2: John 6:41-8:11 from Wycliffe Bible Translators, Calgary.

E. Jimmy John

Item is a recording of interview with Elsie Jimmy John at the Rising Sun Lodge.

PI - Lang Sessions

Item is a recording of Blackfoot language lessons from the Piegan Institute by Gildas Storm (Siksikakoan).

BLKFT colours

Item is a recording of words in the Blackfoot language, including colours and numbers.

Lesson 7-8

Item is a recording of Blackfoot language lessons 7 and 8.

Eagle Society

Item is a recording of Eagle Society: Blackfoot Grass Dance Songs of Siksika Nation by Indian House.

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