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Tom Wood

Item is the second of two taped interviews with Tom Wood, a former college President, regarding the history of Mount Royal.

Tom Sindinger

Item is a taped interview with Tom Sindinger regarding the history of Mount Royal. Sindinger was a former student who played on the basketball team.

Tom Besse fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0004
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1990

Fonds documents Tom Besse’s direction and production of theatre productions at Mount Royal College during his tenure as Coordinator of Theatre Arts and Chairman of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. The fonds includes two series: Production files, which documents theatre productions he directed or produced, and Theatre production slides, which consists of photographs of plays he was involved in. The fonds also contains other records related to fundraising, project proposals, and promotion related to theatre productions.

Tom Besse

Tom Besse

File consists of newspaper clippings and speeches and program from "roast" for Tom Besse.

Tobacco road, Feb. 1985

File contents include drafts of promotional invitations and letters outlining advertising plans, catering information, photographs, programs, and a cast list.

Toasts/speeches for friends

File consists of speeches and correspondence written by Harold Paterson for various celebrations for friends.

Toasts/speeches for family

File consists of speeches written and given by Harold Paterson at various wedding anniversary celebrations for him and Leona Paterson and other events.

Toasts to the bride

File consists of a series of speeches written by Harold Paterson and read by Leona Paterson of toasts given to the bride at various weddings they attended.

To write

File contains two draft copies of Steadward's essay 'International Trends and Developments in Adapted Physical Activity and Sports'.

To read

File documents records received for educational/informational purposes. File contains essays, aerobic exercises and stretches, a brochure, and letter.

To live for her -

Item is an illustrated leaflet with the phrase "To Live For Her -" showing a beautiful blonde woman, and the phrase "- Or To Die For Him?" accompanying the image of a dead Allied soldier with the sinister face of Stalin looming in the sky overhead.

Title search, maps, surveys

File documents Hunter's research on the Dunbow Ranche which was established in 1886 by his great-great-grandfather. File contains reproductions of detailed freehold reports, land title searches, certificates of title, and maps.

Title page and frontispiece

A1 recto. Features overpainted metalcut depicting Germain Hardouyn’s printer’s device, two putti holding a shield hanging from a tree (adapted from the emblem of the Parisian printer Guillaume Eustace). Inscription reads: Hore beate marie virginis s[e]c[un]d[u]m usum e // cclesie romane totaliter ad longum cum mul // tis suffragiis et orationibus. (Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the use of the Roman Church, complete and at length with many suffrages and prayers.)

Time capsule 2011

File documents the planning of the centennial time capsule to celebrate Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains a diagram of the centennial time capsule, a construction quote, and correspondence.

Tignes-Albertville Paralympics

File documents discussions regarding a date change to the 1992 Winter Paralympic games. File contains correspondence, competition results, travel information, a final report, magazine, and a brochure.

Three interludes

File consists of the script for Molière's play "L'Amour médecin" (also known as "Love is the best doctor or "Love doctor," or in Besse's case, "Three interludes").

Thomas Wood

File contains a printed PowerPoint presentation by Tom Wood, a former Mount Royal College President, and a tribute brochure about Wood.

Thistledown correspondence

File documents Hunter's interactions with the publisher Thistledown Press. File contains correspondence, newsletters, editorial notes, postcards, award information, a review, author biography, publishing agreement, broadcasting contract, and a press catalog.

This is Calgary

Item is a video where "[h]ost Brian Yasui takes a look at the Mount Royal College's popular aviation program."

Thirteenth annual competition musical festival

File consists of a program for the thirteenth Annual Competition musical festival of the Drumheller District Music Festival Association. Although the program lists Mrs. J. McLellan as speech arts adjudicator, Leona Paterson actually adjudicated this festival.

Theuerdank leaf

Item is a leaf from the Theuerdank, a chivalric poem composed by the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I (1459-1519). Written in the form of an epic romance, the Theuerdank is a fictionalized account of Maximilian's own journey to marry Mary of Burgundy in 1477, and is full of allegorical allusions.

The leaf features text in an early fraktur typeface with seperately printed flourishes, and a woodcut illustration of the knight Theuerdank ('Noble Thought,' who represents Maximilian) and a companion climbing a cliff to finish one of the tasks he must complete to win the hand of Ernreich ('Rich in Honour' - Mary). At the foot of the cliff are Theuerdank's faithful squire Ernhold ('Steadfastly Honoured,' wearing a tunic depicting a wheel of fortune) and Fürwittig ('Over-confident'), one of three villains that try to prevent Theuerdank from reaching his bride.

Theresa M. Siegel - Leona's teacher

File consists of programs and brochures from recitals featuring Leona Paterson when a student of Theresa M. Siegel and performances by Theresa M. Siegel.

Theresa M. Siegel

Series consists of plays, poems and theory notes and lectures once belonging to Theresa M. Siegel, who taught Leona Paterson.

Theatre programs

This series contains performance programs documenting local Albertan productions of which Grant Paterson attended or was involved with in some capacity.

Theatre Junction

File documents Paterson's role as an actor and vocal coach in Theatre Junction productions. File contains cast photographs, newspaper clippings, cards, performance programs, a brochure, and a contract.

Theatre and Speech programs

File contains programs for productions by the Mount Royal Department of Theatre and Speech, and a history of the Young Shakespeare Company.

Theatre and speech

File documents the advertisement and promotion of the Theatre and Speech Department. File contains correspondence, press releases, notices of upcoming performances, reviews, director's notes, advertisements, schedules, posters, brochures, programs, performer biographies, and marketing plans.

Theater bookings

File contains theater calendars, theater bookings, memoranda, Director's/Dean's Advisory Group agendas and minutes, a speech report, list of the board of directors, and a list of standing committees.

The Young Botanists

Item is botany book, written for children, that explains the main structural elements of plants.

The Woorkes of Geffrey Chaucer leaf

Item is a leaf (folio 3) from "The Knightes Tale" from The Woorkes of Geffrey Chaucer, Newly Printed, edited by John Stowe and printed in London by John Kyngston for John Wight.

The wife reformed

Item is a chapbook for children covering moral and religious themes produced by the Cheap Repository for Religious and Moral Tracts. Item was printed and sold by John Marshall.

The west speaks

File consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, brochures and the script for "The West Speaks," a production performed at both the Canadian Speech Association Conference in Banff in 1968 and the Calgary Centennial Planetarium on December 6, 1968. Leona Paterson directed the performance.

The voice of the farmer

File consists of correspondence from the Alberta Wheat Pool and a script titled "The Voice of the Farmer."

The USSR in Construction.

Item is twelve issues of the Soviet propagandist magazine The USSR in Construction bound in a single volume. Each issue is devoted to a specific theme designed to broadcast the success and progress of the Soviet Union. Issues were designed by photojournalists Es Lissitzky and El Lissitzky and features dynamic graphic layouts and photographs from the Soviet Union's most prominent artist.

The unicorn in the garden

File consists of a script for "The Unicorn in the Garden" by James Thurber, adapted by Elizabeth Allerdice for Readers Theatre.

The unexploited West : a compilation of all of the authentic information available at the present time as to the natural resources of the unexploited regions of northern Canada

Item is a detailed account of the physical features, vegetation, drainage, soils, minerals and climate of the Canadian West and the Northwest Territories was compiled in order to encourage settlement and exploitation of these areas.

The tryals of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove ; for conspiring to murder the King : who upon full evidence were found guilty of high treason, at the sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, December the 17th, 1678, and received sentence accordingly

Item is a transcript of the murder trials of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove, who were falsely convicted of plotting to murder the king as part of the Popish Plot.

The tryals of Robert Green, Henry Berry, & Lawrence Hill : for the murder of Sr. Edmond-bury Godfrey knt., one of His Majesties justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex; at the Kings-bench bar at Westminster, before the Right Honourable Sir William Scroggs knt., lord chief justice of that court, and the rest of His Majesties judges there, on Monday the 10th of February 1678/9 : where, upon full evidence they were convicted, and received sentence accordingly, on Tuesday the next day following

Item is a transcript from the murder trial of Robert Green, Henry Berry, and Lawrence Hill. Green, Berry, and Hill were falsely accused and convicted of murdering Edmond-bury Godfrey, a justice of the peace, as part of the Popish Plot conspiracy. Their trial and execution contributed to anti-Catholic sentiments in England.

The treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-west territories, including the negotiations on which they are based, and other information relating thereto

Book covers the following topics: The Selkirk Treaty -- The Robinson Treaty -- The Manitoulin Island Treaty -- The Stone Fort and Manitoba Post Treaties, Numbers One and Two -- Treaty Number Three ; or, the North-West Angle Treaty -- The Qu'Appelle Treaty, or Number Four -- The Revision of Treaties Numbers One and Two -- The Winnipeg Treaty, Number Five -- The Treaties at Forts Carlton and Pitt [Fort] -- Treaty Number Seven ; or, the Blackfeet Treaty -- The Sioux in the North-West Territories -- The Administration of the Treaties -- the Half-Breeds [Metis] -- The Future of the Indian Tribes [Native or Aboriginal peoples, First Nations].

The third volume of the ecclesiastcall historie: containing the acts and monuments of martyrs, with a generall discourse of these later persecutions, horrible troubles and tumults, stirred up by Romish prelates in the church : with diuers other things incident, especially to this realme of England and Scotland, as partly also to all other forraine nations appertaining, from the time of Queene Maries entering upon the crowne, to the reigne of of our late gracious soveraigne Queen Elizabeth of blessed memorie. Whereunto are annexed certaine additions, unto the time of our soueraigne Lord King Charles now raigning.

Item is the third volume of Foxe's Book of Martyrs, which describes the sufferings of Protestants in England and Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary, Elizabeth I, and the beginning of the reign of Charles I.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs is a Protestant religious history and martyrology first published by John Day in 1563. The book recounts the persecution of Protestants and forerunners of Protestantism by the Catholic Church, particularly in England and Scotland. The work includes a chronology, reprinted letters, transcripts of interrogations, and text of debates, and contains a section on foreign martyrs. Foxe's work was highly influential and helped to shape lasting notions of English nationalism and anti-Catholicism. It is also considered an early, impressive example of biographical writing in post-Reformation Britain.

The Temptation of St. Anthony

Item is a single leaf etched print created by French artist, Jacques Callot, a master printmaker of the Baroque period. The engraving depicts St. Anthony being tempted and tortured in the Egyptian dessert by the devil and a host of demons. The devil, in the form of a monstrous dragon directs the chaos, while St. Anthony cowers near the mouth of a cave in the bottom left corner. Originally created in 1635, this version of the print is Callot's second attempt at capturing the temptation of St. Anthony.

The temptation

File contains a document for the "Mount Royal mystery contest" which consists of a number of clues and riddles which are used to "solve the mystery".

The Sydney Spirit

File contains issues of the newsletter The Sydney Spirit, the official publication of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Newsletters contains updates for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Item is a special issue of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper dedicated to the upcoming 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The student flow model

Item is a report on issues and recommendations for improving the student flow model presented by the Task Force on Student Flow Model.

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