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Articles and letters

File contains newspaper and magazine articles about Leacock, sheet music and lyrics to a song about Leacock written by an unnamed student, a program for a recital by Leacock's students, invitations to several of Leacock's birthday parties, a signed letter from the Premier of Alberta, Peter Lougheed, on Leacock's 60th teaching anniversary, letters of congratulations from former students, a copy of the short story "Banff to Jasper" by John Stone, a copy of the program from Leacock's funeral, and a letter to the Mount Royal Board of Governors notifying them of a legacy left to the college in Leacock's will.

Musical scores

File contains musical scores composed by Leacock including: A Negro Love Song, Arctic Night, A Rusty Rondo, Second Time, Consolation, Homage to Pioneers, Neanderthal, Sea Fancies: A Miniature Suite for Piano, Sea Horses, Sea Shells, A Mermaid Combing Her Hair, The Octopus, Song of the Pear Fishers, Lullaby for a Starfish, Topsy, A Lonely Lake, Toysday, The Widow Bird. The file also contains three manuscript books with additional scores: Midnight in Minneapolis, an untitled score, The Lonely Lake, and Consolation.

LCEPC [Library Capital Expansion Project Committee]

File documents the research done by the committee for the proposed new library building which eventually became the Riddell Library & Learning Centre. The file consists of requests for proposals, architect evaluation sheets, a library expansion planning proposal, reports on library usage, and correspondence. The file also contains meeting minutes and agendas, and research notes.

Military memorial plaque

File contains lists of Mount Royal students and staff who participated in military service, plaque design mock-ups, correspondence, a newspaper clipping, research notes, a project summary and a list of assigned action items.

Baker - photos

File documents Roome's participation in researching for the book "Catch the Gleam: Mount Royal, from College to University, 1910-2009" by Donald Baker. File contains a launch plan for the book, a book distribution and sales plan, blank release and consent forms, historical information about Mount Royal College, an agenda of the Centennial Planning Committee, archival record information from the Glenbow Museum, a works cited list, a list of potential photographic topics and notes, correspondence, and spreadsheets of image file names and captions.

Library and Learning Centre : Joint Working Group

File documents the formation and early stages of planning of the Joint Working Group for the Riddell Library and Learning Centre. File consists of correspondence, a library program brief, library functional program update, meeting agendas and minutes, budgets, a request for information (RFI), and request for proposal (RFP). File also includes architectural and technical drawings, and concept designs.

Library concept design

File contains library concept designs by the architectural firm Cohos Evamy (which later changed their name to DIALOG). File also contains a project proposal and a brainstorming summary from the Library's 2009 professional development day.

Reports to the community

File contains reports for each academic year. The reports includes the Foundation's mission, vision, history, priorities and yearly message and updates from the chairman and directors. The reports also provide informational highlights on Foundation projects, copies of financial statements, and lists of donors.

Newspaper clippings and memorabilia

File documents the promotion of the Dominion - Provincial Youth Training Programme, and Armstrong's activities as a leader in the organization. File consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, a district demonstration schedule, photograph, and a ribbon.

Fisheries Management Enhancement Program project submission

File consists of a project submission written by Ray Sloan for the Alberta Environmental Protection Fisheries Management Enhancement Grant Program. The submission requested that funding for the Ware/Treepoint Creek Project (a previous fisheries management project Ray Sloan had been working on) continue and that a base-line study of fisheries, benthic invertebrates, and in-stream/riparian habitat on Pekisko Creek be initiated.

Buck for Wildlife Program, grant project proposal form

File consists of a project proposal titled "Fisheries Survey: Ghost River to [Waiparous] Creek," which was submitted to the Province of Alberta's Buck for Wildlife Program by the Environmental Technology Program at Mount Royal College's Department of Chemical and Biological Science. Ray Sloan was the proposal's author and the contact person.

Occupational Hygiene

File consists of correspondence and grant forms related to Mount Royal College's Occupational Hygiene Technology program and the Occupational Hygiene Technology Program Advisory Committee.

Occupational Hygiene program

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, grant proposals, and course/program outlines related to Mount Royal College's Occupational Hygiene program.

Environmental Technology application for accreditation

File documents Mount Royal College's Department of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Sciences' efforts to have their Diploma in Environmental Technology receive accreditation from the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET) and the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board. File mainly consists of correspondence and memoranda.

Environmental Technology Proposed Degree

File documents Sloan's involvement in the effort to establish a degree program in Applied Environmental Technology at Mount Royal College. File mainly consists of correspondence.

Ray Sloan Projects - AGWIS Ghost photos

File contains documents, photographs, sound recording, and maps related to Ray Sloan's work with the Fisheries Management Enhancement Program project in the Ghost River/Waiparous watershed in 1995-1996.

Ray Sloan archive - 1995-1996

CD-ROM contains documents related to Ray Sloan's work on the Ghost River and Waiparous Creek in 1995-1996. The objective of the study that the documents relate to was to initiate a baseline inventory of the fisheries potential of tributaries to the Ghost River and Waiparous Creek. Throughout the study, fisheries and habitat data was gathered to be analyzed in order to provide recommendations relating to stream rehabilitation and fisheries enhancement/management programs that were being considered by the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division. See general note for further information about the study's objectives.

Military memorial project

File documents Roome's efforts to establish memorial bursaries and plaques commemorating the Mount Royal students, faculty, and staff who lost their lives during military service. The file contains lists of deceased soldiers, plaque design mock-ups, a project summary, event planning notes, brochures and handouts from other archives and museums, correspondence, a resumé, photocopies of paintings, a newspaper, and newsletter.

Military memorial booklet

File contains a list of Mount Royal students and staff that died in military service along with biographical information. File also contains two bound booklets from the Mount Royal University military memorial ceremony from November 8, 2011.

Centennial planning committee murial [sic] project 2009-2011

File documents the Centennial Planning Committee's planning of the centennial mural, a mosaic mural created to celebrate Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains an article from Night of Artist Magazine on mural designs, a list of mural concept ideas, and notes on notable points in Mount Royal's history.

Artefact of the month

File contains a draft list of archival holdings selected to be highlighted in a monthly feature on the University website, printed versions of the completed posts, research notes, and correspondence.

Time capsule 2011

File documents the planning of the centennial time capsule to celebrate Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains a diagram of the centennial time capsule, a construction quote, and correspondence.

MRFA [Mount Royal Faculty Association] 100

File documents the planning of the Mount Royal Faculty Association's forty-fifth anniversary. File contains agendas, minutes, draft and final invitations, catering receipts, cost quotes, interview questions, an inventory of the Janet Brown Collection, a committee charter, a photocopied photo from the 1970s MRFA reunion, and a list of member names and home addresses.

Centennial stamp

File documents the design and proposal to Canada Post of a postage stamp commemorating Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains correspondence, draft and final versions of the centennial stamp proposal, stamp designs, Canada Post's stamp release schedule for 2009 and 2008, a copy of Canada Post's stamp submission and selection policy, descriptions of stamps issued for other educational institutions, two books of stamps, and business cards for Canada Post employees.

MRU [Mount Royal University] tartan

File documents the design and proposal of a tartan design commemorating Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains tartan design and cost notes, a printed PowerPoint presentation, an example of the Calgary tartan, a chronology for establishing Calgary's tartan, information on registering a tartan, cost estimates, and correspondence.

Conservatory - archive/book project

File documents a proposal to create a book on the history of the Mount Royal Conservatory. File contains correspondence, a copy of the spring/summer 2009 University of Calgary Press schedule, research notes, and a draft copy of the first two book chapters.

Kerby LRT [light rail transit] station

File documents efforts to have a new transit station named after George W. Kerby, Mount Royal's founder, to commemorate Mount Royal's 100th anniversary. File contains correspondence, the Kerby Centre 2008 annual report, historical information on the Kerby Centre, and news articles.

Archive publicity

File contains newspaper and magazine articles about Roome and the Mount Royal Archives.


File documents Donna Hinde's funeral service. File contains a memorial service program, a draft eulogy, and a tribute to Hinde published in the Calgary Herald.

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