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The story lady on Christmas Eve

File consists of the story "The Story Lady on Christmas Eve" a one act play by M. S. Campbell. Also includes the story :The Little Gray Lamb" by Shirley Staples.

The Steadward Centre

File contains annual reports for the The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement and the Rick Hansen Centre.

The state of sport in Canada

File contains drafts and a final version of a speech given by Steadward at the Edmonton Sport Council annual general meeting in Edmonton. File also contains notes and a sports workshops newsletter.

The Stakhanov movement explained

Item is a booklet about the Stakhanovite movement, a Stalinist campaign to increase worker productivity initiated by the Communist Party in 1935, authored by the movement's model, coal miner Alexey Stakhanov. Published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House.

The Spectator. Vol. VI

Item consists of issues of the influential daily London periodical The Spectator, which was originally published by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in 1711-1712. This volume contains issues number 395 (June 3, 1712) through 473 (September 2, [1712]). Published by J. Tonson.

The Spectator. Vol. IV

Item consists of issues of the influential daily London periodical The Spectator, which was originally published by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in 1711-1712. This volume contains issues number 252 (December 19, 1711) to 321 (March 8, [1712]). Published by J. Tonson.

The second volume of the ecclesiastcall historie: containing the acts and monuments of martyrs, with a generall discourse of these later persecutions, horrible troubles and tumults, stirred up by Romish prelates in the church : with diuers other things incident, especially to this realme of England and Scotland, as partly also to all other forraine nations appertaining, from the time of King Henry the eighth, until the beginning of the reigne of Queene Mary

Item is the second volume of Foxe's Book of Martyrs, which describes the sufferings of Protestants in England and Scotland from the reign of King Henry VIII up until the start of the reign of Queen Mary.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs is a Protestant religious history and martyrology first published by John Day in 1563. The book recounts the persecution of Protestants and forerunners of Protestantism by the Catholic Church, particularly in England and Scotland. The work includes a chronology, reprinted letters, transcripts of interrogations, and text of debates, and contains a section on foreign martyrs. Foxe's work was highly influential and helped to shape lasting notions of English nationalism and anti-Catholicism. It is also considered an early, impressive example of biographical writing in post-Reformation Britain.

The royall apologie : or, An answer to the Declaration of the House of Commons, the 11. of February, 1647. In which they expresse the reasons for their resolutions for making no more addresses, nor receiving any from His Majesty

Item is an English civil war pamphlet that was disbound from a larger work. The Royall Apologie was written in response to the pamphlet "A Declaration of the Commons of England", which resulted in parliament halting communications with Charles and essentially overthrowing the monarchy. The Royall Apologie is often attributed to Sir Kenelm Digby, although authorship has also been attributed to George Digby, the second Earl of Bristol.

The Rick Hansen Centre

Item is a recorded description of the history, services, and programs offered by the Rick Hansen Centre, a physical fitness and lifestyle centre for persons with disabilities.

The remonstrance and protestation of the gentry and commonalty of the counties of Buckingham, Hartford, Bedford, and Cambridge : shewing the reasons why they take up armes and their resolutions thereupon

Item is a Parliamentarian pamphlet explaining why the counties of Buckingham, Hartford, Bedford, and Cambridge supported Parliament in opposition to King Charles I at the outbreak of the English Civil War. Printed by L. N. and R. C. for F. Eaglesfield.

The rainmaker, April 1982

File consists of theatre programs and tickets, an audition information sheet, a director's overview, promotional advertising, and press releases for the production of "The rainmaker."

The Popish Plot

Series consists of pamphlets and one book relating to the fictitious conspiracy known as the "Popish Plot" (1678-1681). The Popish Plot was a fake conspiracy invented by clergyman Titus Oates and spread through polemical pamphlets like these, which alleged that Catholics were conspiring to assassinate Charles II and take control of England. The Plot inspired a wave of anti-Catholic hysteria in England, and numerous prosecutions of accused plotters on false charges, resulting in the executions of at least 22 men and the punishment of many others.

"The poor man's bible" leaf

Item is a leaf from the second edition of Johann Froben's octavo Bible containing text from the Book of Tobias. Froben's bible became known as The Poor Man's Bible because it was printed in a small point font to make it convenient to carry and affordable.

A partial transcription of the leaf reads:
Beginning with the rubricated I of "Ingressi sunt autem...": "And they went in to Raguel, and Raguel received them with joy. And Raguel looking upon Tobias, said to Anna his wife: How like is this young man to my cousin?"

The Play's the Thing

File documents Paterson's involvement in a production of "The Play's the Thing" produced by Theatre Junction. File contains photographs, cards, newspaper clippings, correspondence, a contractual agreement, rehearsal schedule, phone list, postcard, and a performance program.

The near in blood, the nearer bloody

Item is a satirical print by Scottish painter and caricaturist Isaac Cruikshank, as published by S.W. Fores. The print depicts the Duke of Orleans, Philippe Egalite, holding an axe above the head of King Louis XVI of France while Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin kneel pleading for his life. The print is a commentary on Egalite's perceived betrayal of kinship and class by voting in the National Convention to depose and try Louis.

The natural history of birds

Item is volume four from the nine volume set: The natural history of birds (Histoire naturelle des oiseaux). This set was part of a larger collection Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière, avec la description du Cabinet du Roi, which contained 36 volumes in total covering a range of subjects including: material science, physics, chemistry and technology, as well as the natural history of animals. Item was printed by A. Strahan and T. Cadell.

The mousetrap, Feb. 1977

File consists mostly of photographs of the play, as well as receipts for the purchase of the script.

The manual

Item is an instructional video for the Swede Elite wheelchair, produced by the Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences Media Services of the University of Alberta.

The Lord George Digby's cabinet and Dr. Goff's negotiations : together with His Majesties, the Queens, and the Lord Jermin's, and other letters : taken at the Battel at Sherborn in Yorkshire about the 15th of October last : also observations upon the said letters.

"Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that the letters taken at Sherborn in Yorkshire, with observations thereupon, be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com". Printed for Edward Husband.

The lion and the mouse

File consists of the script for "The Lion and the Mouse or The Battle of Money and Justice" by Charles Klein.

The library gallery

File reflects the planning and implementation of art displays in the MRC library. File consists of correspondence, bulletins, art display plans, meeting minutes, a budget, forms and waivers, publications, and a grant application.

The kingly gift

File consists of the script for "The Kingly Gift: A Christmas Play for Children:" by T. Negore.

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