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Compendium maleficarum

Item is a collection of writing on witchcraft by Ambrosian monk Francesco Maria Guazzo, which was originally published in 1608. Contents of the work includes:

Preface to the reader -- Editor's introduction -- Foreword -- The first book. The nature and extent of the force of imagination ; Of artificial magic ; Whether this magic can produce true effects ; That witches effect their marvels with the help of the devil ; The men of old accredited witches with marvelous deeds ; Of the witches' pact with the devil ; By their terrible deeds and imprecations witches produce rain and hail, etc. ; The power of witches over external things ; Whether the devil and truly enrich his subjects ; Whether witches can by their art create any living thing ; Whether there truly are incubus and succubus devils; and whether children can be generated by copulation with them ; Whether witches are really transported from place to place to their nightly assemblies ; Whether witches can transmute bodies from one form to another ; Whether witches have power to make beasts talk ; Whether the devil can make men insensible to torture ; Whether by witchcraft and devil's work the sexes can be interchanged ; Whether the spirits of the dead can appear to men ; Of apparitions of demons, or spectres ; That cacodemons exercise their magic powers of their own will.

The second book. Dealing with the various kinds of witchcraft, and certain other matters which should be known. Of soporific spells ; Witches use human corpses for the murder of men ; Of Witches' Poisons ; Of tying the points ; Of incendiary witchcraft ; The devil wishes to perpetuate the race of witches ; Of the various ways by which witches vent their spite upon the human race ; Of the different diseases brought by demons ; Why God permits the devil so to busy himself with witchcraft ; The laws observed by witches in causing and in curing sickness ; Witches use something of religion in healing sickness ; Threatening or beating witches is the best method of removing the spells cast by them ; After the many blasphemies committed by witches, the demon at last tries to induce them to kill themselves with their own hands ; Upon those who have once fallen into his power the devil keeps a tenacious grip, even when they stand tortured before their judges, or in holy places, or wherever they may be ; A summary in a few words of all the crimes of witches ; The devil deceives and seduces by means of false revelations or apparitions ; Of the appeal to God ; Of the trial by single combat ; Of vulgar purgation by fire ; Of superstitious folk.

The third book. Treating of the divine remedies for those who are bewitched, and of other certain matters. Whether it is lawful to remove a spell in order to heal one that is bewitched ; How to distinguish demoniacs and those who are simply bewitched ; Recent examples of the mercy of God and tyrrany of the devil ; Of divine and supernatural remedies.

Mountain painting

Item is a painting of a snowy mountain with the dedication: "painted for Leonard June 1930". Item was painted by Hahn.

Der Anti-Nazi : Redner und Pressematerial uber die N.S.D.A.P.

Item is a collection of loose-leaf pages of facts and counter-arguments refuting Nazi claims and anti-Semitic propaganda, produced by a secret organisation of German Jews. The loose-leaf format allowed for the easy and covert distribution of information during public meetings.

Burmese black parabaik leaf

File contains a leaf from a Burmese black parabaik, or folding-book manuscript, that contains tattoo designs, including: birds, tigers (one eating a person), flags, and an elaborate hti (a Burmese umbrella, an important religious symbol and marker of high social status). Tattooing was a traditional practice of several ethnic groups (including the Shan people) in Burma / Myanmar until the 20th century, and had cultural, religious, and magical significance. The accompanying text is likely in Burmese or Shan.

Parabaik are made of thick paper from the bark of the paper mulberry tree that is sometimes blackened with charcoal like this one, and then written on with a white steatite (soapstone) pencil. The paper is then folded accordion-style and bound with protective covers.


"Drawn from the capital trials of 900 persons, more or less, who within the last fifteen years have in Lorraine paid the penalty of death for the crime of witchcraft." Translated by E. A. Ashwin. Edited with introduction and notes by the Rev. Montague Summers. Reprinted from the original French which was published in Lyon in 1595.

Kathleen Tierney

File consists of a photograph of Kathleen Tierney that has been signed by her to "a dear friend."

Knox church

File consists of a service program for Knox Church.

Francis Turner fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0051
  • Fonds
  • 1931

Fonds documents Francis Turner's time as a student in the secretarial program at Mount Royal College. Fonds contains a diploma.

Francis Turner


Item is a diploma certifying that Francis Turner completed the secretarial program at Mount Royal College.

Report of Knox young men's club treasury

File consists of reports for the Knox young men's club treasury, which includes typed records of membership fees and other expenses and additional notes to the report.

Children’s books in England : five centuries of social life

Item is a book analyzing the evolution of children’s literature through historical contexts. The work also reflects on the history of English social life, documenting the English people in their capacity as parents, guardians and educators of children.

The USSR in Construction.

Item is twelve issues of the Soviet propagandist magazine The USSR in Construction bound in a single volume. Each issue is devoted to a specific theme designed to broadcast the success and progress of the Soviet Union. Issues were designed by photojournalists Es Lissitzky and El Lissitzky and features dynamic graphic layouts and photographs from the Soviet Union's most prominent artist.

German banknote

Item is a German 1000 Mark banknote originally issued in 1922, and later over-printed for use as a leaflet to encourage recruitment for the Nazi Party.

The reverse of this banknote has been overprinted with an anti-semitic cartoon titled "Eine Überraschung" (A Revelation) which depicts a stereotyped Jewish man being surprised by a large, dazzling swastika with the text "Hitler" above, and "Nationalsozialismus" (National Socialism, aka Nazism) below. The man is exclaiming (in what appears to be a sort of racist Yiddish-German pidgin):

Godd der Gerachte! Scho / wieder ä naier kometh! /
(God the just! So again a [new one?] comes!)

Underneath is the text:
Volksgenossen! / Kommt zu Hitler, /
werdet Nationalsozialisten!
(Compatriots! [literally "people's comrades"] Come to Hitler, become National Socialists!

After the First World War, Germany struggled to pay war reparations imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, resulting in hyperinflation that decimated the value of the Mark. Currency like this became valueless, and so was used by the Nazis as a cheap and plentiful material for propaganda leaflets.

Golden anniversary

File consists of a program for the Golden Anniversary of Knox United Church.

Correspondence from Bill to Dear Little Lady Fayre

File contains a series of letters from a man named Bill to 'Little Lady Fayre', who, following a fall, had been unable to visit him. According to the correspondence, the writer lives in London and is well connected and very involved in musical and theatrical productions with the Luxemburg Orchestra and Sir Henry Wood. The letters include a number of drawings including a portrait of their mutual friend at a Christmas party, Sir Henry Wood conducting an orchestra, and Bill dancing with a woman he refers to as 'the Duchess.'

The Great War as I saw it

Item is a firsthand account of the Frederick George Scott's experiences as a chaplain with the 1st Canadian Division in World War I. Scott was an Anglican priest and a well-known Canadian poet. Item was published by The Clarke & Stuart Co. Limited.

Emory Jackson fonds

  • CA MRUASC F0063
  • Fonds
  • 1927 - 1935

Fonds documents Emory Jackson's attendance at Mount Royal College, and consists of a photograph, an autograph book with illustrations, and a digitized photo album.

Emory Jackson

Leona's first scrapbook

Item is a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, programs, cards, event notices, and photographs documenting Paterson's childhood and growing involvement in speech arts.

Arts of the theatre

File consists of two books by Arts of the Theatre. One on make-up and costume, the other stagecraft and lighting.


Item is a copy of the story "Dreamland" by Clarence Budington Kelland.

MRC student album

Item is a digitized photo album/scrapbook that illustrates Jackson's school life at MRC. The album contains Jackson's 1929 report card and photos of Jackson's classmates, Dr. George Kerby, and other MRC teachers and staff. Photographs also document the Mount Royal College building, the Calgary Normal School, Mewata Armouries, Capitol Hill, Bowness Park, Mewata Park, and the MRC Cadet Corps.

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