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Salt Lake Olympics

File contains correspondence organizing a meeting between Steadward, the President of the IOC, and the new President of the IPC.

IOC [International Olympic Committee]

File documents Olympic planning undertaken by IOC Coordination Committees. File contains correspondence, a brochure, issue of the Athens 2004 Olympic News, agenda, final report of the Sydney Olympiad Coordinating Committee, and the first official report of the Beijing Organizing Committee.

IOC[International Olympic Committee]/COA[Canadian Olympic Association] future relationships

File documents attempts made by Steadward and other executives of the Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled (CFSOD) to secure recognition for, and future involvement of, physically disabled athletes in Olympic competitions and with the COA (Canadian Olympic Association) and IOC (International Olympic Committee) organizations. File contains correspondence discussing the participation of disabled athletes in the 1992 Canadian Winter Games and 1988 winter and summer Olympic Games. File also contains agendas, minutes, meeting notes, a proposal for the acceptance of disabled events/representatives in Olympic games, list of governors of the Olympic Trust of Canada, ICC (International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled) newsletter, and a speech to the annual general meeting of the COA by Otto Jelinek, Minister of State Fitness and Amateur Sport.


Item is a participant handbook for a workshop designed for individuals and professional affected by neurotrauma.

Wheelchair basketball player's book

Item is a training guide prepared by Diane Hoy of the Research and Training Centre of the Physically Disabled at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies at the University of Alberta.

A fitness assessment manual

Item is a manual prepared by Catherine Walsh, Leona Holland, and Fay Hunt of the Research and Training Centre of the Physically Disabled at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies at the University of Alberta.

When spheres collide

File documents a presentation given to the Alberta Civil Lawyer Association on the the history of disability sport, the history of the IPC, and legal issues surrounding disability sports. File contains draft presentation slides, presentation notes, overhead projector transparencies, a presentation outline, news article, and a timeline of disability sport achievements.

A view through three lenses: an analysis of the progress of the Paralympic movement

File documents a lecture analyzing the progress of the Paralympic movement given by Steadward at the 41st session for the Young Participants or the International Olympic Academy (IOA). File contains draft presentation notes, photographs of presentation slides, PowerPoint presentation slides, and lecture notes. File also contains the article 'Inclusion of Athletes with a Disability within Sport' by Steadward and David Legg.

To write

File contains two draft copies of Steadward's essay 'International Trends and Developments in Adapted Physical Activity and Sports'.

Presentation slides

File contains slides of presentations and speeches given by Steadward for the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Olympic bid committees, IPC meetings, and other events. File also contains photographs of athletes participating in disability sport events, including the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games.

The state of sport in Canada

File contains drafts and a final version of a speech given by Steadward at the Edmonton Sport Council annual general meeting in Edmonton. File also contains notes and a sports workshops newsletter.

Speeches and presentations

File contains speeches, presentations, and interviews given by Steadward at award ceremonies, keynote addresses, and IPC meetings on the topic of disability sports and the Paralympics. File also contains notes, drafts, and correspondence.

Study leave in Australia

Item is a package documenting Steadward's study leave in Australia promoting the United Nations sponsored International Year of Disabled Persons. Package included a keynote speech, collected correspondence from Australian political, health, and sport leaders, news articles about Steadward's visit, and a schedule.

Webhead: big interview

File contains a draft and final version of an interview with Steadward. Interview was conducted as part of a feature series on

Journal articles

File contains articles on wheelchair kinematics and Canadian wheelchair basketball players, co-authored by Steadward and published in the academic journals Clinical Biomechanics and Sports Medicine, Training, and Rehabilitation.

The Steadward Centre

File contains annual reports for the The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement and the Rick Hansen Centre. The Rick Hansen Centre was renamed the The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement in 2000, in recognition of its founder, Robert Steadward.

1986 Canadian team handbook

Item is a Canadian team handbook for the International Stoke Mandeville Games in Stoke Mandeville, England and the World Championships and Games for the Disabled in Gothenburg, Sweden.

VII World Wheelchair Games and 1984 Paralympics

File documents the results of international disability sporting events. File contains memoranda, final reports on the Canadian Disabled Olympic 1984 team and the VII World Wheelchair Games, and corrections to the VII World Wheelchair Games results.

Sporting event photos

Album contains photographs of individuals and teams participating in the sporting events of the 1977 Canadian Games for the Physically Disabled which were held in Edmonton, Alberta.

African Sports Confederation for Disabled

Item is a dossier providing introductory information about the African Sports Confederation for Disabled. Package includes an organizational chart, brief history, constitution, membership list, and list of supported sports.

GAISF [General Association of International Sports Federation]

File documents the activities of General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) and the federation's working relationship with the International Paralympics Committee (IPC). File contains GAISF minutes, all member notices, newsletters, agendas, correspondence, brochures, a section of the Council of Europe procedures on doping control, congress and general assembly report, insurance coverage summary, GAISF Council summary of decisions, and a report on Sportel market.

FESPIC [Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled]

File documents the activities of the Far East and South Pacific Games Federation for the Disabled (FESPIC) and its relationship with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). File contains FESPIC newsletters, correspondence, FESPIC minutes, business cards, photographs, FESPIC historical information, a visa application, itinerary, welcome address, toast, FESPIC amended constitution, FESPIC member list, and a draft newsletter article.

The Sydney Spirit

File contains issues of the newsletter The Sydney Spirit, the official publication of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games.

Sydney reports

File documents the planning and organization of the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics in Sydney, Australia. File contains a Paralympic games information kit, the 5th progress report of the Paralympic Organizing Committee, a Olympic planning and construction report, and slides from a presentation by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority.

Sydney 2000

File documents the planning of the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. File contains correspondence, schedules of events for an IPC general assembly meeting, and a Sydney Paralympic Organizing Committee annual report.

Paralympic Sports Association

File contains two copies of an introductory booklet about the Paralympic Sports Association. Booklet contains information about association programs, membership, awards, financial statements, and rules and regulations.

Canada House Express

File contains issues volume 1, number 2 - volume, 1 number 7 of Canada House Express, the official newsletter of the 1980 Canadian team for the Olympics for the Disabled in Arnhem, Holland.

Canadian team handbook IXth Summer Paralympic Games

Item is a team handbook, produced by the Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled and the Athlete Information Bureau, for the 9th summer Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Item lists event descriptions, classification information, and player biographies by sport.

Olympic Village Daily

File contains issues of the daily Olympic newspaper the Olympic Village Daily from Olympics for the Disabled in Arnhem, Holland.

B'Ball arbitration

File documents the arbitration process of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) regarding use of a banned substance by a member of the US men's wheelchair basketball team during the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics. File contains correspondence, minutes of the International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled (ICC) Executive Committee, CAS code books of sports-related arbitration, briefs prepared by the IPC and the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA), draft arbitration agreements, notes, a draft list of IPC questions for the arbitration hearing, list of CAS arbitrators, statement of appeal, signed arbitration agreement, mediation proposal, International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) newsletter, ICC Doping Committee report, and a CAS arbitral decision statement.

Contract - Sydney 2000

File documents a formal agreement between the IPC and the Sydney Paralympics Organizing Committee regarding the 2000 Paralympics. File contains draft contract agreements and a joint marketing agreement.

Paralympics Sydney 2000 bid document

Item is a Paralympic bid prepared by the Sydney Paralympic Bid Committee and submitted to the IPC. Item contains correspondence, letters of Paralympic support from members of the Australian government and Olympic officials, logistical information regarding holding the games in Sydney, progress reports from the Sydney Paralympics Organising Committee, an invitation, and a financial plan.

Powerlifting vs. weightlifting

File documents discussions at the IPC General Sports Assembly Powerlifting regarding the difference between powerlifting and weightlifting, and whether the sports should be combined in IPC competitions. File contains summaries of historical discussions, forms, voting instructions, correspondence, rule and technique clarifications, statistics, qualifying standards, and a list of Paralympic powerlifting records.

Investigation committee report

File documents an investigation, undertaken by the IPC, examining the fraudulent administration of the eligibility verification process for intellectually disabled athletes participating in IPC games. File contains an investigative report and resulting resolutions.

IPC headquarters - Bonn

Item is a brochure, prepared by the City of Bonn, containing a proposal to make Bonn the headquarters for the IPC secretariat.

IPC brochure

Item is a promotional brochure produced by the IPC to highlight facts, statistics, and photographs from pervious Paralympics.

Action plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina

File documents efforts by the IPC and the Council of Europe to provide support for disabled people and victims of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. File contains correspondence, a report on a fact-finding mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the conclusions of a planning meeting.

Presidential transition

File documents interactions between the International Olympic Committee and the IPC as well as the end of Steadward's third term as IPC President . File contains correspondence, letters of congratulations, invitations, press releases, agendas, newsletters, summaries of IOC reports and and Executive meetings, a chapter of IOC bylaws, , IOC member nomination package, a tribute to the past IOC President, committee report, draft IOC/IPC agreement, job description, IOC presidential election regulations,

Transition to Honorary President of the IPC

File documents Steadward's transition from President of the IPC to Honorary President. File contains correspondence, a Spinal Cord Injury and Treatment Centre Society newsletter, news article, wheelchair rugby classification appeal. File also contains a CD-ROM from the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation containing photographs, image captions, and a paper on the history of disability sport in Hong Kong.

IPC mag [sic.]

File documents the development of the IPC magazine. File contains article/content submissions, draft layout designs, draft versions of the IPC magazine, magazine corrections, correspondence, a newsletter of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association, and a President's report.


File documents changes to the organization, construction, and review process for the IPC newsletter. File contains correspondence, briefing notes, news articles, a President's report, newsletter, interview with Andre Raes in the newsletter 'La Verdad', brochure for the second Paralympic congress, and an interview transcript.

ONCE [Organizacion National de Ciegos Espagnol]

File documents the formation of a relationship between the IPC and Organizacion National de Ciegos Espagnol (ONCE), whereas ONCE becomes an official IPC partner. File contains correspondence, a support proposal, and a partnership agreement.

IPC publications

File contains draft and final copies of the IPC magazine and newsletter. File also contains a TV guide and news articles.

IPC media

File contains media releases, a curriculum vitae for Steadward, IPC directory, and a photograph.

Media commission

File documents the creation of a media plan for the IPC and IPC sporting events. File contains correspondence, memoranda, media plans, public affairs & executive assistant activity reports, magazine articles, newsletters, questions for a video project analysis, a news release, advertisement, media report, news article, and communications proposal.

IPC brochure

File documents the creation of a brochure introducing the IPC. File contains draft brochures.

Management Committee

File documents the activities of the Management Committee of the IPC and the promotion of the the "Why not Marathon", an event sponsored by the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disable Persons, that kicked off the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics games. File contains minutes, correspondence, agendas, newspaper and magazine articles, an issue of "Why Not. Magazine", and an application form for the "Why Not Marathon".

IPC regions

File documents updates and communications from the regional representatives of the IPC. File contains reports from regional representatives, correspondence, IPC- European Committee minutes, a protocol agreement between IPC - European Committee and the International Blind Sport Association (IBSA), and an IPC-Europe technical handbook. File also contains a proposal for including wheelchair dance as an IPC sport. Proposal submission includes a list of wheelchair dance competitions, calendar of events, Wheelchair Dance Sub-Committee bylaws, judging criteria, and an excerpt from the International Sports Federation of the Disabled (ISOD) handbook on wheelchair dancing.


File contains correspondence between Steadward and Andre Raes, Secretary General of the IPC regarding the administrative functions of the organization. Correspondence covers topics such as organizing general assembly and Executive Committee meetings, arranging IPC attendance at international events/meetings, and selecting a new location for the IPC headquarters. File also contains location submissions for IPC headquarters, brochures, a newspaper article, newsletter, venue and organizational information on the International Disability Centre in France, list of IPC headquarters requirements, preliminary budget, and a job description for technical officers.

Media commission

File documents the planning and organization of an IPC media plan. File contains contains correspondence, a media commission report, media plan, media questionnaire, crisis management checklist, and a report on future media opportunities.

Secretary - general

File contains correspondence between Steadward and Andre Raes, Secretary General of the IPC regarding the administrative functions of the organization. Correspondence covers topics such as organizing general assembly meetings, arranging IPC attendance at international events/meetings, liaising with affiliated disability sport organizations and athletes, organizing the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics, preparing bid dossiers, organizing an IPC magazine, discussing the role and responsibilities of the secretariat office, negotiating sponsorship contracts, and finalizing amendments to the IPC constitution. File also contains event schedules, agendas, Finance Committee notes, meeting notes, lists of congress attendees, a list of decisions from General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings, IPC standard operating instructions, photograph of Steadward, and a media access questionnaire.


File contains correspondence documenting a disagreement between the IPC and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the IPC logo, and the eventual redesign of the IPC logo. File also contains draft logo designs, notes, estimates and invoices for IPC branded stationary, and information of the design of the 1988 Seoul Paralympic mascot and emblem.


File documents the decisions and procedures of the Medical Committee of the IPC regarding doping controls, banned athletes, and the establishment of accredited laboratories. File contains correspondence, lists of IOC accredited laboratories for doping control analysis, medical officer reports, Medical Committee and Medical Protest Committee minutes, athlete classification lists, draft by-laws of the Medical Committee, a news article, doping control record, schedule for an anti-doping seminar, and list of athletes injured at the World Championships.

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