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Liturgical books

Series consists of leaves from liturgical books (also known as service books), which were used by the clergy in the celebration of Christian public religious worship. Types of liturgical books in the series include breviaries, antiphonals, psalters, hymnals and gradual processionals.

Early modern Britain collection

  • CA MRUASC C0015
  • Collection
  • 1590-1793, 1909

Collection mainly consists of books and pamphlets published in England and Scotland from 1500 to 1800. Collection includes three series: English Civil Wars, Witch Trials, and The Popish Plot. Collection also contains satirical cartoons, collections of daily news periodicals, English literature, protestant texts, cookbook, and a herbal.

No matter how thin you slice it-- : 63 cartoons

Item is a collection of political cartoons by Stewart Cameron, reprinted from the Calgary Herald. Cartoons detail the early administration of Alberta's Social Credit Party, which governed from 1935-197, and the party's leader William Aberhart.

The Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes

Item is the second edition of a botany book written by John Gerarde and illustrated by John Payne. The second edition was enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson. The first edition was written in 1597 and was re-printed several times because of its widespread popularity. Item contains descriptions of the characteristics, growing conditions, and uses of plants alongside over 2700 woodcut illustrations. The work is divided into three books:
Book 1: Containing grasses, rushes, reeds, cones, flags, and bulbous or onion-rooted plantes
Book 2: Containing the description, place, time, names, nature, and vertues of all sorts of herbs, for meat, medicine, or sweet-smelling use, & c.
Book 3: Containing the description, place, time, names, nature, and vertues of trees, shrubs, bushes, fruit-bearing plants, rosins, gums, roses, heath, mosses, some Indian plants, and other rare plants not remembered in Proeme to the first book. Also mushrooms, corall, and their seurall kindes, & c.

French happiness v[ersus] English misery

Item is a satirical print by Scottish painter and caricaturist, Isaac Cruikshank. The print compares four emaciated Frenchmen on the left, who are fighting over one frog and surrounded by images of death, with four gluttonous Englishmen on the right, who are feasting and surrounded by images of prosperity. The print is a commentary on the failing of the ideals of the French Revolution.

The Spectator. Vol. IV

Item consists of issues of the influential daily London periodical The Spectator, which was originally published by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in 1711-1712. This volume contains issues number 252 (December 19, 1711) to 321 (March 8, [1712]). Published by J. Tonson.

The Spectator. Vol. VI

Item consists of issues of the influential daily London periodical The Spectator, which was originally published by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in 1711-1712. This volume contains issues number 395 (June 3, 1712) through 473 (September 2, [1712]). Published by J. Tonson.

The near in blood, the nearer bloody

Item is a satirical print by Scottish painter and caricaturist, Isaac Cruikshank and published by S.W. Fores. The print depicts the Duke of Orleans, Philippe Egalite holding an axe above the head of Louis XVI while Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin kneel pleading behind the king. Print is a commentary on Egalite's perceived betrayal of kinship and class loyalty by voting in the National Convention to depose Louis.

A Booke of Christian Prayers, collected out of the auncient writers, and best learned in our tyme, worthy to be read with an earnest mynde of all Christians, in these daungerous and troublesome dayes, that God for Christes sake will yet still be mercyfull vnto vs

Item is a book containing a collection of private devotions and prayers printed in London by Richard Yardley and Peter Short for Richard Day. Popularly known as Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book, the book may originally have been written for her private use before being published for a wider audience. The book is heavily illustrated with historiated woodcut borders, some based on works by Albrecht Durer and Hans Holbein. The illustrations are a veritable catalogue of Christian iconography, depicting subjects including the life of Christ, the five senses, sin, virtue, the Book of Revelation, and memento mori such as the Dance of Death.

Reasons humbly offered to His Majesty for his dispensing with the oath of allegiance as to His Highness the Duke of York: and for his sitting in the Council of Scotland without taking the said oath

Item is a pamphlet that was written and published anonymously in defense of King Charles II's decision to appoint his brother, James the Duke of York, as Lord High Commissioner of Scotland despite his refusal to take the Test Oath.

Witch trials

Series documents witch trials and local laws in England and Scotland concerning witchcraft. Series contains pamphlets and books.

An historical essay concerning witchcraft : with observations upon matters of fact, tending to clear the texts of the Sacred Scriptures, and confute the vulgar errors about that point : and also two sermons: one in proof of the Christian religion; the other concerning the good and evil angels

Item is a book written by English minister bishop Francis Hutchinson to discredit the witchcraft trials taking place in England. The book is an analytical and critical account of previous witch trials, and argues strongly against witchcraft prosecution. Shortly after the book was published, Great Britain abolished the persecution of suspected witches. Item was printed for R. Knaplock, at Bishop's Head, and D. Midwinter, at the Three Crowns, in St. Paul's Church-yard.

A description of the Seige of Basing Castle ; kept by the Lord Marquisse of Winchester, for the service of His Majesty : against, the forces of the rebells, under command of Colonell Norton, anno Dom. 1644

Item is a Royalist pamphlet describing in detail one of several Parliamentarian sieges of Basing Castle, a Royalist stronghold in Hampshire, during the English Civil War. Printed by Leonard Lichfield.

The Lord George Digby's cabinet and Dr. Goff's negotiations : together with His Majesties, the Queens, and the Lord Jermin's, and other letters : taken at the Battel at Sherborn in Yorkshire about the 15th of October last : also observations upon the said letters.

"Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that the letters taken at Sherborn in Yorkshire, with observations thereupon, be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com". Printed for Edward Husband.

Popish plot

Series contains pamphlets documenting the fictitious conspiracy, The Popish Plot (1678-1681). The Popish Plot spread by polemical pamphlets which alleged that Catholics were conspiring to assassinate Charles II. The Plot led to anti-Catholic hysteria in England and resulted in the executions of at least 22 men, and the punishment of others. Series contains pamphlets.

The history of the Parliament of England : which began November the third, MDCXL, with a short and necessary view of some precedent yeares

Item is a contemporary history of the Long Parliament (an English Parliament that lasted from 1640 to 1660) published just after the end of the first English Civil War. Authored by Parliamentary Secretary Thomas May, the history is presented from a parliamentarian viewpoint with a strong bias against Charles I and the House of Stuart. Item was imprinted at London by Moses Bell for George Thomason.

England's second warning-piece, or, Observations on the barbarous attempt to murther Justice Arnold, April the 15th 1680 containing 1. a true relation of the matter of fact, 2. some remarks on the circumstances, 3. a true copy of the pretended speech of Evans the popish priest, executed in Glamorganshire (as it was lately printed by the papists) in revenge of whose prosecution, this assassination is presumed to have been committed with a comment on the hypocritical speech of that dying traytor

Item is a propaganda pamphlet detailing an alleged Catholic-inspired murder attempt on the life of Judge John Arnold of Monmouthshire. John Arnold was a protestant politician known for his anti-Catholic beliefs, harassment of English Catholics, and association with the priest Titus Oats, who fabricated the Popish Plot. The Popish Plot (1678-1681) was a fake conspiracy which alleged that Catholics were conspiring to assassinate Charles II. The Plot led to anti-Catholic hysteria in England and resulted in the executions of at least 22 men, and the punishment of others, including John Giles of Usk who was convicted and fined for the fictitious attempt on Judge Arnold's life.

The remonstrance and protestation of the gentry and commonalty of the counties of Buckingham, Hartford, Bedford, and Cambridge : shewing the reasons why they take up armes and their resolutions thereupon

Item is a Parliamentarian pamphlet explaining why the counties of Buckingham, Hartford, Bedford, and Cambridge supported Parliament in opposition to King Charles I at the outbreak of the English Civil War. Printed by L. N. and R. C. for F. Eaglesfield.

A vindication of King Charles, or, A loyal subjects duty : manifested in vindicating His Soveraigne from those aspersions cast upon him by certaine persons, in a scandalous libel, entituled, The Kings cabinet opened ; and published (as they say) by authority of Parliament. Whereunto is added, a true parallel betwixt the sufferings of our Saviour and our soveraign, in divers particulars, &c.

Item is a detailed defence of King Charles I written by Royalist and Church of England minister Edward Symmons in response to the publication of the "The Kings cabinet opened," which contained Charles' personal correspondence seized by Parliamentarian forces at the Battle of Naseby. According to Symmons, he wrote this text "to vindicate my Soveraigns name and honour". Publisher unknown.

Reliquiæ sacræ Carolinæ, or, The [w]orks of that great monarch and glorious martyr King Charles the I : collected together, and digested in order, according to their several subjects, civil and sacred

Item is one volume with two parts that consists of a collection of King Charles I's speeches, letters, and religious and political writings. The book was published in support of the Royalist cause after Charles' execution. Printed by Samuel Browne.

Prince Rupert : his declaration

Item is a pamphlet authored by Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland, a famous Royalist cavalry commander in the English Civil War. In it, he refutes charges of barbarousness levelled against his troops by Parliamentarians and claims that it was they who were committing atrocities. Printed by Leonard Lichfield.

A soldierly vindication of his troops by Prince Rupert and an attempt to shift the charge of inhumanity to his adversaries.

The humble petition of the captaines, officers, and soldiers of the trayned bands, and voluntiers in the county of Buckingham, assembled at Alisbury, June 17, 1642 : presented to both Houses of Parliament, the 24 bf [sic] June, 1642, and commanded by them to be forthwith printed and published. H. Elsyng Cler. Parl. D. Com. Together with a letter from a merchant of Dublin, to his friend a worthy gentleman in Bassing Hall Street, in London, relating the happy proceedings of the Protestant army against the rebels.

Item is a Parliamentarian pamphlet from the English Civil War in two parts. The first part is a request to remove the Royalist Lord William Paget as Lieutenant for the County of Buckingham, and to replace him with the Parliamentarian Lord Philip Wharton. The second part is a letter written by John Busse of Dublin reporting on recent events in the Irish Rebellion of 1641. Printed for Joseph Hunscott and John Wright.

A petition of the gentry, ministers, and freeholders of the County of Flint, presented to His Majesty at York, August the fourth, 1642 : with His Majesties most gracious answer thereunto ; also His Majesties speech to the gentlemen of York, on Thursday the fourth of August.

Item is a pamphlet from the beginning of the English Civil War expressing the loyalty of the County of Flint (the former county of Flintshire in northeast Wales) to King Charles I in his dispute with Parliament. Item was printed by A. Norton.

English Civil Wars

Series contains pamphlets and other publications documenting the causes, events, and repercussions of the English Civil Wars (1642-1651) from the perspective of the Royalists and the Parliamentarians.

Early print collection

  • CA MRUASC C0001
  • Collection
  • 1477-1700, 1892

Collection illustrates the early development of movable type printing in Europe. Collection consists of printed books including a book of hours, leaves from Bibles, hagiographies, liturgical texts, and works of history, literature, and canon law.

Canadian Sport for Life physical literacy programs

File documents community projects sponsored by Canadian Sport for Life. File contains the curriculum and description for a physical literacy leadership academy in Cochrane, evaluation framework for community projects, an action plan, journal article, and a draft version of the Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy manual.

Sport Alberta

File documents the administration of Sport Alberta, a provincial government initiative that supports amateur sport. File contains all member updates, event notices, bylaws, correspondence, minutes, reports, agendas, membership application forms, financial statements, resolutions, a speech, constitution, and a revitalization plan.

Ready, set, go!

Item is a video of an individual demonstrating an aerobic exercise routine, produced by Denise Wagner. Video also contains part of a television documentary on disabled Canadian athletes competing in Australia.

William Watson Lodge a special place

Item is a promotional video for William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis county, a lodge that specializes in barrier-free wilderness accommodations for seniors and people with disabilities.


Item is reproduction of a sketch, presumably of Steadward, signed by Darius.

To read

File documents records received for educational/informational purposes. File contains essays, aerobic exercises and stretches, a brochure, and letter.

No way out World series

Item is a video of programs filmed from television. Item includes a 30 minute documentary called 'No Way Out", in which interviewer, Peter Downie, discusses disability and the right to die. Item also includes a World Series baseball game.

Articles - newspaper - TSC

File contains news articles on the topics of disability, disability sport, and disabled athletes, newsletters, and a brochure.

Anatomy articles

File contains articles, by various authors, from scholarly publications on human anatomy and physical activity.

News and magazine articles

File documents media coverage of disability and paralympic sport related topics received by Steadward for review and informational purposes. File contains news and magazine articles.

Lisa the great 96'

File contains draft press releases from EPCOR (Edmonton Power Corporation), and a draft EPCOR emergency response plan.

Special Olympics

File documents promotional information about the Special Olympics. File contains a mission statement, policy concerning competing athletes, and article.

ISL Worldwide television sports programming

Item is an ISL Worldwide television sports programming manual. Manual contains a listing of the sport events/programs ISL distributes internationally. ISL is a sports marketing agency that represents international sports agencies and markets their sporting events.

IMG sports management and marketing

File contains a calendar of events and corporate report for the sports management and marketing company, IMG. File also contains a registration form and schedule for the 'Business of Sport' conference hosted by Asia Pacific.

IOC meetings

File documents materials received by the IOC for informational purposes regarding disabled sport and athletes. File contains papers, a history of sports for athletes with disabilities, and a proposal.

Sydney media coverage

File documents news coverage of Sydney Olympic Games. File contains news articles, magazine articles, and opinion pieces.

1988 Summer Olympic Games

File documents discussions of the demonstration events for disabled athletes at the 1988 Olympic Games. File contains correspondence, demonstration event criteria, a proposal, and an introduction to the opening and closing ceremonies.

Olympic napkins

Item is a set of table napkins embroidered with the Olympic rings and the names of Steadward and his wife, Laura.

IOC/COA[Canadian Olympic Association] future relationships

File documents attempts made by Steadward and other executives of the Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled (CFSOD) to secure recognition for, and future involvement of, physically disabled athletes in Olympic competitions and with the COA and IOC. File contains correspondence discussing the participation of disabled athletes in the 1992 Canadian Winter Games and 1988 winter and summer Olympic Games. File also contains agendas, minutes, meeting notes, a proposal for the acceptance of disabled events/representatives in Olympic games, list of governors of the Olympic Trust of Canada, ICC (International Coordinating Committee of World Sports Organizations for the Disabled) newsletter, and a speech to the annual general meeting of the COA by Otto Jelinek, Minister of State Fitness and Amateur Sport.


File documents Olympic planning undertaken by IOC Coordination Committees. File contains correspondence, a brochure, issue of the Athens 2004 Olympic News, agenda, final report of the Sydney Olympiad Coordinating Committee, and the first official report of the Beijing Organizing Committee.

Salt Lake Olympics

File contains correspondence organizing a meeting between Steadward, the President of the IOC, and the new President of the IPC.


File documents a collection of research on the history of disabled sport, disabled athletes, and disabled sporting organizations. File contains reports, papers, draft papers, presentation notes, articles, proposals, meeting notes, and brochures.

Presentation slides

File contains notes and slides from two presentations: 'Thinking about non-economics impacts of large scare events' and ' London 2012 volunteers motivations & social legacy potential'.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games

Series documents the planning, organization, and media coverage of Olympic Games as organized by the International Olympic Committee. Series contains correspondence, news articles, minutes, agendas, meeting notes, official reports, papers, and proposals.

Papers - quest for Olympic inclusion

File contains drafts of Steadward's paper 'Athletes with disabilities and their quest for Olympic inclusion' which he presented at the International Olympic Congress in London, Ontario.

Papers - future directions - winter sports

File contains drafts of a paper called 'Future directions of winter sports for athletes with disabilities', presented by Steadward at the International Olympic Scientific Congress in France.

Articles and publications

File documents research and scholarship received by Steadward for review and informational purposes. File contains copies of published articles and papers on topics related to disability and Paralympic sport.

Classification clinic

Item contains video of the presentations 'Wheelchair Sport' by Debbie Steadward and 'C.P. Sport' by Janet Dunn.

Steadward, Dr. R.D. medicine meets millennium conf[rence]

File documents Stedward's participation as a presenter at Medicine Meets Millennium World Congress on Medicine and Health held in Hannover, Germany. File contains drafts of Stedward's presentation "Fulfilling the tasks of social integration: a bridge through Paralympic sport", powerpoint slides, and a conference program.

Injury profiles

File contains the abstracts of twenty scholarly articles on the topic of disability sport and injuries co-authored by Steadward.

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